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Clay Pot Craft Projects for All Ages

Clay pots are not only for plants anymore. They come in all different sizes and can be used to create figures and practical household items such as candle holders or bird feeders. Crafting projects by using clay pots is not only fun, but inexpensive as well.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Cute Clay Pot Cow

Clay Pot Cow

This cute cow is a fun and easy craft project for kids. The project needs some time for the paint and glue to dry, but otherwise is completed within an afternoon. Parents may wish to help out and glue the head to the clay pot using hot glue. This will speed the drying process of the glue.

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Easter Craft - Clay Pot Bunny

Clay Pot Easter Bunny

This Easter Bunny is waiting patiently for Easter to come. His first egg is ready to be given away. This project is really fun for kids. An idea would be to create a few of these and use them as place markers for Easter breakfast. Create a small paper sign with the names of the guests and insert the sign in the other hand”.

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Summer Craft for Kids - Clay Pot Lighthouse Craft

Clay Pot Lighthouse

Let the kids bring summer in your home with this easy to do craft. With a few clay pots and some paint, they can create a lighthouse to decorate a window sill or shelf in any room of the house. The small decorations used at the bottom of the lighthouse are only suggestions. Children can also use seashells that they found on the beach instead to decorate  theirs.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Cute Clay Pot Pig Craft

Clay Pot Pig

This little piggie went to the market.....because he was all dressed up and needed somewhere to go. It is so much more fun going with friends, than being alone. Kids can create barnyard companions such as cows, horses, sheep, chickens, roosters and goats to accompany him.

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Summer Flower Pot Craft

Summer Flower Pot

Cheer up your home in the summer with decorative clay pots to keep your plants and flowers. You do not need to know how to paint to achieve such wonderful looks. This technique of decoupaging paper napkins is so fun and this project has an extra twist with the cracking medium. It gives the pots an extra antique look as if they are old and weathered.

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Paper Crafts for Christmas - Advents Calendar with Clay Pot Trees

Clay Pot Advent Calendar

Advent calendars help to count the days until Christmas. Especially it is fun for children to get up each morning and see what hidden “treasure” is waiting for them for that particular day.

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Terracotta Flower Pot Covered With Jute Cord

Terracotta Clay Pot Covered by a Jute Cord

This is an easy way to add a soft and natural touch to a plain terracotta flower pot. The pot is covered within minutes and looks great for either flowers or plants.

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Basic Christmas Craft Ideas - Clay Pot Crafts - Clay Pot Santa Claus

Clay Pot Santa Claus Decoration

This Santa matches the child’s project for the Christmas Tree out of clay pots. It makes a nice decoration at Christmas time for the table or window, and when wrapped in a clear foil, can be a nice gift for someone as well. It takes some time to dry, but otherwise is a quick and easy project.

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Clay Pot Snowman Craft

Clay Pot Snowman

Crafting is a wonderful activity to get into the spirit of the Christmas season. You can get really involved with your children and make wonderful decorations and presents. This snowman is a fun craft for children. It is easy and inexpensive to make and can be combined with other clay pot crafts shown on this website to make a set of decorations.

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Summer Craft - Beige Antique Flower Pots with Leaf Motif

Create Antique Flower Pots

Do you like a natural look in your home? With a minimal amount of craft supplies, simple inexpensive terracotta pots become decorative antique looking flower pots.

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More Clay Pot Craft Projects for All Ages

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