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Halloween Craft - Clay Pot Witch

With just a terracotta clay pot and a few self-made accessories such as a hat and broom, you can create this cute little witch just in time for Halloween. You will need about an hour (+ -) depending on how fast the paint dries to complete this project.

How to Make a Witch’s Hat Using Cardstock

To make the witch’s hat, follow the pictured step-by-step tutorial below.



Halloween Craft - Clay Pot Craft - Halloween Witch

Supplies Needed:

4 cm styrofoam ball for the head
- multi-colored yarn with yellow, orange, green, red, etc... for the hair
- black felt for the witch’s dress and cape
- 12 cm piece of black chenille for the arms
- terracotta clay pot 6 cm tall
- 2 x 6mm natural wooden beads
- acrylic paint in the following colors: beige, black, white
  and orange
- fine black permanent marker
- hot glue gun
- black cardstock and glue for the hat
- stylus for scoring
- pattern below
- wooden skewer and natural raffia for the broom

Craft Pattern:

Witch Hat

Witch Hat Template


1. Paint the witch’s head and let paint dry. Make the hat following the instructions below and using the patterns below.
2. In the meantime, cut a round piece of felt to cover the clay pot and glue it on with hot glue. This is the dress. Now, cut a second piece smaller than the first to use as a cape and glue in the middle over the dress.
3. Take the chenille and find the center. Glue this center to the center of the backside of the clay pot. Pull the ends to the front side of the clay pot. Snip 2 holes on the front side of the dress where the 2 ends of the chenille touch. Pull the chenille ends through the holes. These are the arms. Insert a wooden bead on each chenille end for the hands.
3. Take about 20 pieces of yarn 8-10 cm long and tie off in the middle. Glue this middle onto the head as hair and arrange the hair in place.
4. Glue the hat over the hair.
5. Dot on 2 black eyes and when dry, add a light reflection on each eye.
6. For the nose, paint one end of a toothpick orange and break off when dry. Insert the end with the broken edge in the styrofoam ball.
7. Draw a mouth using a fine black permanent marker.
8. Create a broom by tie a small bundle of raffia to one end of a wooden skewer. Shorten the other end of the skewer as necessary and place in the hands of the witch.

1. To make the hat, print out the patterns. Form the a cone out of the half circle shape. Cut the dotted lines on the circle shape.
Witch Hat 1a

2. Take the stylus and score the space between the “pie” pieces.
Witch Hat 2a

3. Bend the “pie” pieces upwards.
Witch Hat 3a

4. Place glue on the outside of the pieces and then place the cone shape over these. Press these pieces inside of the cone and let dry.
Witch Hat 4a

5. This is how the finished hat looks and is ready to use for the witch.
Witch Hat 5a



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