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Needle Felting Crafts and Crafting or Sewing With Felt - Page 2 of 3

Here you will find new ideas of how versatile felt can be and even kids will have a lot of fun creating items with felt. Because it does not fray, it is an ideal way to let the kids create with textiles.



Felt Bunny Egg Warmer

Felt Easter Bunny 2


Felt Owl Pillow

Felt Owl Pillow


Beaded Felt Autumn Leaves

Beaded Autumn Felt Leaves


Shamrock Lapel Pin

Felted Shamrock Lapel Pin


Needle Felted Goose

Needle Felted Goose


Felt Hen Egg Warmer

Felt Hen


Needle Felted Mice

Needle Felted Mice


Felt Red Clutch

Felt Clutch or Cosmetic Bag


Needle Felted Pumpkin 2

Felted Wool Pumpkin


Halloween Die Cut Cat and Pumpkin Garland

Felt Halloween Garland


Felt Daisy and Leaf Garland

Felt Daisy Garland


Needle Felted Cow

Needle Felted Holstein Cow


Felt Easter Bunny Egg Cosy

Felt Easter Bunny Egg Cosy


Felt Hen Flower Pot Sitter

Felt Chick Flower Pot Sitter


Felt Easter Bunny Project

Felt Easter Bunny


Needle Felted Sheep

Felted Sheep Ornament


Felt Tulips Plant Pokes

Felt Tulip Plant Sticks


Felt Heart with Fringe

Fringed Felt Heart Ornament


Needle Felted Snowflake

Needle Felted Snowflake


Needle Felted Styorfoam Heart

Felt Valentine’s Day Heart


Needle Felted Spring Birds

Needle Felted Birds


Felt Mushroom Craft

Felt Mushroom

Felt Chick Egg Warmer

Felt Chick

Felt Hearts Refrigerator Magnets

Felt Heart Refrigerator Magnets




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