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Peek-a-Boo Felt Chick

Who is that peeking out of the cracked egg? This chick is making his grand appearance just in time for Easter. This project is easy and finished within 30 minutes. Instead of hanging this chick, you can also adhere it to a wooden shishkabob skewer and use it as a plant stick instead.



Easter Craft - Felt Chick Craft

For this project you will need:

- yellow textile felt
- white stiff felt
- natural raffia
- dark yellow feathers
- 2 wiggle eyes
- strong craft glue
- string or wire for hanging

Ages 7 and older

Craft Pattern:

Easter Egg Template

Easter Egg Template






1. Cut an oval shape out of the yellow textile felt. This is the chick body.
2. Cut two slightly larger ovals out of the white stiff felt. These will be the eggs. Make a zig-zag cut through the middle of these to give the appearance of a cracked egg.
3. Glue the eggs now onto both sides of the chick leaving a bit of yellow showing. See picture for example.
4. Glue the wiggle eyes on the yellow felt.
5. Take a small bundle of raffia and use a piece of raffia to tie a knot in the middle of the bundle. Leave the ends of the tie piece hanging. You will need these later to connect the bundle to the egg. Insert a couple of feathers through the knot from both sides.
6. Punch a hole through the bottom and through the top of the egg.
7. Take one of the raffia ends and insert it through the bottom hole and tie it now to the other hanging end.
8. Insert a string or wire through the top of the egg for hanging.




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Easter Craft - Felt Chick Craft





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