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Spring and Easter Craft for Kids - Chick Paper Mobile

One of the chicks is not quite ready to hatch! The mobile is perfect for decorating a window in the spring. This decoration is easily made, even by smaller children. It requires 2 different sized oval shapes.

Tip: Both sides of the figures get decorated so that it can hang freely in a room or a window.



Easter Craft for Kids - Paper Chick Mobile

For this project you will need:

- white and yellow construction paper
- 2 yellow feathers
- white sewing thread
- a sewing needle
- scissors
- glue
- red and black magic markers

Craft Pattern:

Easter Pattern - Chick and Egg

Chick and Egg


1. Print out the pattern and cut out 4 chicks and 4 eggs.
2. Two eggs stay whole, 2 eggs get cut like on the pattern so that they become 4 egg halves.
3. Glue a yellow chick on each of the 4 oval halves and use the magic markers to create the chicks’ faces.
4. Take a long piece of thread and glue it to the back side of one of the 4 chicks. Take a second chick and glue its backside to the backside of the first chick, sandwiching the thread between them.
5. Measure about 3 inches up and then use the 2 whole white eggs and glue them together, sandwiching the thread between them.
6. The last 2 chicks are made like the first ones.
7. Poke a hole on the top of the chicks and glue a small feather to their heads.




Easter Craft for Kids - Paper Chick Mobile
Ages 7 and older




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