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Spring and Easter Crafts for Kids  - Easy Easter Basket for Kids


This is a fun craft project for school-aged kids that is easy to make. Perhaps the children would like to make a few of these and surprise their grandparents at Easter with goodies that they have crafted for holiday!



Easter Paper Craft for Kids - Easy Easter Basket

For this project you will need:

- corrugated cardboard in color of choice
- 2 brass fasteners
- hole puncher
- cardboard cheese box
- double-sided strong self adhesive tape
- ruler
- scissors

Ages 8 and older




1. Cut a 10 cm high strip of corrugated cardboard long enough to fit around the outside of the cheese box plus 1 cm overlap.
2. Place the double-sided self adhesive tape around the outer edge of the cheese box.
3. Stick the corrugated cardboard around the box overlapping the ends. Stick tape if necessary on the backside of the piece overlapping to hold it firmly in place.
4. Punch 2 holes across from each other on both sides of the basket.
5. For the handle, cut a strip of corrugated cardboard that is 3 cm high and 35 cm long.
6. Tuck 2 cm under on each end and punch a hole through both layers.
7. Use the fasteners to attach the handle to the basket.
8. Fill the basket with Easter grass and Easter eggs.



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