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Chenille Chick

Chenille is a fun material to work with and kids can craft numerous animals with it. This is an idea for spring and Easter. After your kids are finished creating this soft and cute chick, they can use it as a bookmarker for their favorite story, as a character in a puppet play or even to decorate and cheer up mom’s green plants.



Spring and Easter Craft - Chenille Chick

For this project you will need:

- 3 x 50 cm or 20 inch yellow chenille stems
- 4 yellow feathers
- scrap piece of orange felt
- 1 craft stick
- glue gun (supervision is always advised when kids are using a glue gun)
- craft knife
- 4 mm black wooden bead

Recommended Age: 9 and above


1. Braid the three chenille stems together.
2. Cut a 15 cm or 6 inch piece of the stem off. Curl both stems in a snail shape.
3. Holding the small snail shaped curl together, glue it to the top of the craft stick. This will be the head.
4. Now hold the larger snail shape together and glue it below the head.
5. Cut a small triangle and glue it on the chick as a beak.
Parents help with this step: place one black bead on the table with the hole facing up. Use the craft knife and press down on the hole causing the bead to divide in half. Glue both halves on the face as eyes.
7. Glue two feathers to the back of the stick, so that the ends can be seen above the head.
8. Glue a feather to each side of the chick as a wing. You may have to shorten the feathers if they are too long.




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Spring and Easter Craft - Chenille Chick





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