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Cheerful Snowman Trio Card

The snowmen here seem happy that it is winter and are decked out in their finest. This card is created with a winter paper napkin motif and using paper napkin glue to adhere the motif to cardstock. If you cannot find this exact motif, find a napkin that pleases you and follow the technique described below to create your own cards. It is very easy and with all the motifs available, you can make cards for all seasons.



Winter Card or Christmas Card - Snowman Trio

For this project you will need:

- white square card 13 x 13 cm in size or a size of your choice
- paper napkin with snowmen motif (the napkin should have 4 repeating motifs on it)
- paper napkin applique glue and soft flat paintbrush
- white cardstock
- 3-D pads and 3-D foam tape
- scissors
- iron
- baking paper to protect iron from the glue


1. You will need 3 napkin quarters. From the 1st quartrer, you will need the entire motif. Tear the napkin so that you have most of the background included. Tearing gives the napkin uneven edges, making it more interesting for the card. Remove all but the top layer of napkin. Now apply paper napkin glue to the front side of your card and let it dry. Once dry, place the motif centered over the card. Place the baking paper over the motif and iron the motif onto the card. The heat of the iron will adhere it to the glue on the card.
2. With the 2nd quarter, roughly cut out the snowmen in one piece (you don’t have to cut them exactly out just yet). Remove all but the top layer of napkin. Apply paper napkin glue onto white cardstock and let dry. Once dry, place the snowmen motif over the cardstock. Place the baking paper over the motif and then iron the snowmen onto the cardstock. Afterwards, cut out the snowmen exactly and adhere them over the snowmen on the card. Use 3-D foam tape to adhere them to give the card depth.
3. With the 3rd quarter you only need details such as hats, scarves, etc... Cut out what you think you can use. Cut out around the details (you do not need to cut them out exactly just yet). Remove all but the top layer of napkin. Apply paper napkin glue onto white cardstock and let it dry. Now place the details onto the cardstock. Place baking paper over these pieces and then iron them onto the cardstock. Now cut the details exactly out and use 3-D pads to adhere these onto the snowmen where they belong.

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Winter Card or Christmas Card Detail - Snowman Trio
Detail of the 3-D effect created by adding extra layers of the motif onto the card with 3-D pads and foam tape.


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