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Happy Winter Snowman Door Greeter

This snowman figure measures 65 cm (26 inches) total in height and because of its size, it looks great in a window or on a front porch. It is more time consuming to craft but worth the effort!



Wooden Snowman - Snowflakes for Sale

For this project you will need:

- 18 mm thick pine of other choice of wood (body and stand)
- 8 mm plywood (arms, hat, sign, nose and cuffs)
- wood sawing supplies
- acrylic paint in white, black, orange, light brown and light blue
- white snow paint for hat (optional)
- 2 large buttons or wooden discs painted as buttons
- florist wire in brown
- wood glue
- two screws (for screwing wood) in width and length of choice to screw snowman to the bottom piece
- drill and 1.5 mm bits (for drilling holes in the wood discs as buttons) and bit for the screws for the bottom piece

Free Patterns For This Snowman:

Snowman- head

Snowman- body

Snowman- hat

Snowman - arms, cuffs and nose

Snowman- sign and snowflake





1. Print out all of the patterns to the size you need. All of the patterns were decreased in size to fit the scanner bed so you may have to enlarge each differently at a copy shop to fit the other pieces. Once you have the patterns fitting to each other, transfer now the patterns onto the appropriate wood pieces. The base piece of the snowman measures 18 mm thick x 31 cm long x 15 cm wide. Saw all of the pieces out and sand them smooth.
2. Paint the snowman, the base, the snowflake and the arms with white acrylic paint on all sides and let dry.
3. Paint the hat according to the picture with red, black and white paint and let dry. When dry, add white snowpaste to the white areas to look like patches of snow.
4. Paint the sweater, the neck and waist cuff pieces and the arms of the snowman in red and let dry.
5. Paint the carrot with orange acrylic paint and let it dry.
6. Paint the sign with light brown that has been thinned with water. Let it thoroughly dry.
7. Dry brush the edges with the following colors: Drybrush white with blue, red with white, black with white, light brown with white and orange with red. On the sweater add cuff details by drybrushing verticle lines onto the pieces.
8. Use white paint to paint the wording on the sign.
9. Position the pieces properly on the snowman and glue the hat onto the head, and the cuffs onto the body. Glue the nose onto the face.
10. Drill 2 holes in the hands of the snowman and insert a long piece of wire through the holes and leave the ends hanging for the moment.
11. Glue the arms to the body of the snowman as seen in the picture.
12. Drill 2 holes for each button using the 1.5 mm bit into the middle of the snowman’s sweater. See the picture for approximate placement.
13. Insert the wire from the backside of the snowman through the holes and secure the buttons by twisting the wire. The dangling ends may be coiled for an extra feature.
14. Drill 1 hole on each top side of the sign and insert the wires through these holes and bend the wire ends to the back of the sign.
15. Decide how the snowman will be standing on the base piece and drill 2 holes in the bottom of the snowman using the 3.2 drill bit. Drill 2 corresponding holes in base piece as well.
16. Screw the snowman to the base piece using the 3.5 mm screws.
17. Glue the snowflake to the top of the hat as seen in the picture.

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Wooden Snowman - Snowflakes for Sale - Group
Each of these snowman is wearing a different colored sweater.


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Wooden Snowman - Snowflakes for Sale



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