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Natural Looking Hay Tree Ornaments

With cardboard boxes and hay, kids can create lovely natural looking ornaments for the tree which do not cost a lot of money to make and are tons of fun to do.



Hay Christmas Tree Ornament 3

For this project you will need:

- cardboard box sides
- a small bag of hay (like for pets such as hamsters)
- Christmas cookie cutters with simple shapes such as these in the image
Christmas Cookie Cutters For Crafting

- strong tacky glue (should be a clear drying glue)
- red sewing thread
- felt for the horse
- black 4 mm wooden bead for the horse
- red 4 and 6 mm wooden beads for the Christmas tree
- star for the Christmas tree
- 4 mm wide ribbon for hanging the ornaments


1. First trace and cut out your shapes from the cardboard.
2. Cover the first side of the shape with glue and press it into a layer of hay to cover. Let it dry some. You can always add more hay if the figure is not completely covered. Wrap red thread around it a few times to hold the hay and then let it dry. Then repeat for the second side. Trim the excess hay away from the sides as much as you can.
3. Add/ glue more hay and take more red thread and wrap many times around the whole figure to hold the hay down. Trim the sides when necessary to keep the basic shape of the ornament. The ornament will get thicker which is just fine. When you think the ornament looks finished, tie off the thread.
4. Embellish the ornaments anyway you like.
5. Poke a hole through the top of the ornament and pull the ribbon through and knot in a loop. Decorate the tree top with a star if you like. Cut a saddle shape for the horse out of felt and glue it on.

Illustrated Craft Tutorials:

Hay Decoration Tutorial

An illustrated tutorial for older children (uses a hot glue gun instead of tacky glue) creating hay figures can be found here: Hay Decorations Tutorial




Hay Christmas Tree Ornament 2

Hay Christmas Tree Ornament 1
Ages 9 and older


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