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Happy Winter Snowman

If you need some last minute gifts and if you are creative with wood and have at least one day’s time, you can make decorations out of wood like this snowman. He brings winter right into your home at Christmas and even after the holidays are over! With only 6 pieces to saw out, he is an easy project to make and looks very decorative in a window sill or on a shelf. The snowman measures 28 cm high.



Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Snowman Shelf Decoration - Happy Winter

For this project you will need:

- thin wood board measuring 4mm x 17mm x 6 mm (the base)
- 18 mm thick wood about the size of 30 cm x 20 cm (body)
- scrap piece of 4 mm plywood (hands, sign and nose)
- acrylic paint in white, orange, red, black and light blue
- white snow texture paint
- piece of light blue fabric measuring 3 cm x 50 cm (scarf)
- thin piece of brown wire
- old toothbrushes
- wood glue
- 2 wood screwes measuring 3.5 cm x 35 mm
- drill with 3.2 mm bit and 1.5 mm bit
- scroll saw with supplies
- sandpaper
- pencil
- pattern

Craft Pattern:

Happy Winter Snowman

Happy Winter Snowman






1. Print out the pattern large enough that it fits the size of your paper and transfer the markings on the appropriate pieces of wood. You have a total of 6 pieces to saw out. 1 base, 1 body, 1 sign, 2 hands and 1 nose. Saw the pieces out and sand them down.
2. Paint the base, the hands and snowman white on all sides and let them dry. Once finished make the markings for the hat and paint it accordingly.
3. Paint the sign red and let dry.
4. The nose gets painted orange. Let it dry.
5. Dry brush the dried pieces on the front and sides as follows: white with blue, black and red with white and orange with red. Once dry use a toothbrush to splatter the pieces if you like. On each piece use the same color you used to dry brush it with. Let all of the pieces dry before continuing.
6. Glue the nose onto the face and make 2 dots for his eyes with the black paint.
7. With the white paint and a very small brush, paint the letterings onto the sign and let this dry.
8. Glue 2 hands onto the sign.
9. Drill 2 small holes in the top center of the sign.
10. Insert wire ends through the backside of the sign and before pulling it tight, put the wire around the snowmans neck like a necklace. Let the sign hang in front of the snowman. The sides of the hands should line up with the sides of the snowman. (see picture) Once you have a length you like, twist the 2 wire ends together a few turns. Coil the ends now for a decorative look.
11. Drill 2 holes in the base of the snowman and 2 matching holes in the base. Use the wood screws to secure the snowman to the base.
12. Tie the scarf around the snowman’s neck.
13. Use the texture snow paint to accent the white areas of the snowman’s hat. Let it dry thoroughly. You can put him near a heat source (careful) to speed up the drying process.

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Christmas Wood Craft - Wooden Snowman Shelf Decoration - Happy Winter



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