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Crafts and Decorations For Autumn Holidays and Celebrations

When we think of fall, images of colorful leaves and bright orange pumpkins come to mind. The days get shorter and cooler and we have more time indoors to do crafts. Why not learn to emboss metal to create pumpkin plant pokes, or maybe you like to create a potpourri wreath to decorate your walls and at the same time fill your home with the scent of autumn. Find these and other fall craft projects in this section.

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Fall Decoration

Fall Decoration - Forest Scene in a Jar

This idea was inspired after bike riding on a path through the woods and observing the surroundings. Even though it was the beginning of September, the mushrooms were already sprouting up throughout the mossy floor of forest. The hedgehogs have also been out late in the evenings looking for food to prepare themselves for their winter nap.

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Autumn Wreath

Moss Covered Autumn Wreath

Add a little color of the season to your door or elsewhere outside your home (in an area protected from weather) with a homemade wreath. Most of the embellishments were found outdoors in the garden and plaster of Paris embellishments were added to give the wreath some fall motifs.

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Halloween Inchies on Splined Stretched Canvas

Halloween Inchies on Spined Stretched Canvas

This is a fun idea to display Halloween die cuts and other small Halloween embellishments. Only three colors, black, orange and purple were used for this project so it would not get too wild.

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Autumn Lantern

Lantern With Natural Fall Treasures

A lantern with a candle is in itself a nice decoration for any time of the year. But you can also fill it with seasonal items to add an interesting ambience to it.

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Fall Wreath with Real Leaves

Door Wreath Using Natural Leaves

This wreath is made using oak leaves, but maple leaves in bright reds look also very lovely for this project.

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Carved Cat Halloween Pumpkin

Pumpkin Carving - Cat Halloween Pumpkin

Every year at Halloween time it is fun to carve a pumpkin and display it on the front porch. This time a black cat sets the mood of the season.

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Clay Pot and Pumpkin Decoration 200

Clay Pot with Fall Pumpkins

Give your house plants the warm look of fall colors by decoupaging paper napkin napkins onto ordinary terra-cotta pots. The advantage of this technique is that the motifs look as if they have been painted onto the pots. This is great for those with minimal time.

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Fall or Autumn Decoration For the Home

Autumn Centerpieces Using Glass Vases and Jars

Save any small jars or vases you can get your hands on. You can use these for any time of the year as inexpensive centerpieces. Depending on which season you are decorating for, you can change out the fillings and embellishments to fit the holiday or theme you choose. Here warm colors or red and oranges were selected to add an instant autumn touch to the room.

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Halloween Votives

Halloween Tea Light Votive

The Halloween printed organza material used here was just begging to be used for a project like this. It is transparent, yet cloudy enough to make it look mystic. The spider and web motifs on it are perfect for Halloween and extra plastic spiders were used to add to the spooky look of the glass.

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Autumnal Natural Decor

Autumnal Natural Decor

Here metal flower pots are filled with natural autumnal beauties to add seasonalal charm to a wooden garden bench.

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More Crafts and Decorations For Autumn Holidays and Celebrations

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