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5-Minute Autumn Decoration

This idea uses what was around the house to create a quick shelf decoration for the autumn season. With a simple wide mouth glass cookie jar and a couple of other decorative elements, you can create a cute and simple display that won’t cost anything extra.



5-Minute Autumn Decoration

For this project you will need:

- a wide jar, such as a cookie jar
- about a cup of red sand or red rocks
- a fall figurine, here a hedgehog
- other fall items like apples, leaves, nuts, pinecones, etc... what ever you have around the home
- a piece of matching ribbon to embellish the jar


Simply place the sand or rocks in the jar. This prevents the figurines or other items from sitting directly on the glass and at the same time adds a bit of color to the jar, as well. Then add what you have to the inside of the jar. Tie a ribbon around the top of the jar to finish off the decoration.


Quick and Easy Autumn Decoration
A hedgehog was used for this particular decoration, as we had one on hand but any other fall motif works well, too. Simply match the sand and ribbon to your chosen figurine.





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