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Furry Easter Bunny and Furry Sheep Ornaments / Decorations

These gentle animals are so soft and cute and all you need to make them are cardboard boxes (heavier quality) and fuzzy yarn. Each animal is only embellished on one side - if you wish to embellish both sides, double the amount of beads.



Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep 1

To make these four animals you will need:

- empty cardboard box (thick like those for mailing packages)
- fuzzy yarn - we used a
50g skein of yarn from Schachenmayr “Sheila Soft Mini”, color number: 00102 or “Cream” - one skein
  was enough for all four animals (if this yarn is not available in your area, there are surely enough similar alternatives)
- four 4 mm black wooden beads (eyes)
- two 4 mm pink half beads (noses)
- pink printed organza ribbon
- craft glue
- tape

Craft Patterns:

Bunny Craft Template

Easter Bunny Template

Sheep Template

Sheep Template






1. Print out this Easter bunny template (size about 11 centimeters) out and this sheep template (size about 11 centimeters), transfer the shapes onto the cardboard and then cut them out.

Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep Cardboard Templates
How the cut shapes look like. They don’t have to look perfect. Once the yarn is wrapped around them, you won’t notice a difference.

2. Tape one end of the yarn to the back side of the cardboard and start winding the yarn around the cardboard until it is completely covered. For the sheep, leave the face area as well as the feet area free of yarn. Cut the yarn and knot the other end on the back side.
3. Glue on the bead eyes and the bead noses onto the animals.
4. Create a mini bow and glue it to the neck area of the animals man.

Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep 2
Easter friends

Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep

Furry Easter Bunny
Soft bunny.

Furry Sheep
The yarn gives the sheep an almost realistic appearance.

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Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep





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