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Easter Tea Light Centerpiece with Easter Eggs and Straw / Colored Rocks

These wine glasses were previously used for summer and for Christmas and here are two versions that can be used for the table at Easter time. The first is a natural looking version and the second example uses more color.



Easter Centerpiece - Wine Glasses with Tea Lights 1

For this project you will need:

- 2 large wine glasses
- 2 tea light inserts (see below)
- 2 tea lights
- 6 small Easter eggs in either natural colored speckled eggs or colorful speckled eggs
- a bit of straw or grass for the natural eggs or lime green colored decoration rocks for the color version.

Please do not leave room unattended at any time when tea lights are burning!

Instructions for the natural speckled eggs decoration:

1. First place a small handfull of straw into the bottom of the glass. Make sure that the straw only fills up to only 1/3 of the glass height for safety reasons.
2. Place the eggs onto the straw.
3. Hang the tea light inserts onto the glass and place a tea light into the insert.

Instructions for the colorful decoration: The same as above except substitute colorful rocks for the straw and use colorful eggs instead of the natural speckled eggs.

Below are two examples of the tea light inserts. Stiff metal wire is soldered over the sides of metal tea light cups. Apparently these are not available in many locations. A DIY action may be necessary if you would like to make your own.

Tea Light Insert Example 1
Here three wires are used and each are soldered to the bottom of the cup.

Tea Light Insert Example 2
Here the wire is soldered across the whole bottom of the tea light cup

Easter Centerpiece - Wine Glasses with Tea Lights 4
Detail of glass

Easter Centerpiece - Wine Glasses with Tea Lights 2
This is a colorful version of the same idea.




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