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Christmas Cards and Winter Cards

For many people, Christmas is the favorite season of the year for crafting. There is a feeling of cheer in the air and it is so fun doing creative activities associated with the holiday. Instead of buying Christmas cards, sit down at the table, turn on some holiday music and get out your crafting supplies. Create memorable Christmas cards for your friends and family. It will give them a warm feeling inside to receive a beautiful handmade card from you.

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Winter Night Christmas Cards

Winter Night Christmas Card
The die cut used for this card shows a row of houses with little windows and helps make crafting this card so quick and easy. Add a few “lights” to the windows, stars or snowflakes or stars and you are done in about 20 minutes.

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Christmas Card - Patchwork Christmas Tree Greeting Card for the Holidays

Patchwork Christmas Tree Cards

Just like patchwork, this project is a great way to use up a stash which in this case is a stash of green washi tapes. The tapes were included in sets of Christmas washi tapes and hardly got used before. This project lets you use them in a practical way.

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Easy Christmas Card

Easy Country Looking Christmas Cards

Paper napkins are fun to use for Christmas cards because there are lots of motifs available and it is so easy to create cards using them. These cards have a simple country look to them and are quick to make. You will most likely not be able to purchase the same paper napkins used for this project. Simply select similar motifs that are appealing to you and the technique remains the same.

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Christmas Card With a Robin

Christmas Card With Robins

The adorable little winter robins that were used to embellish this card are motifs created out of paper napkins. They are drawn with such love and attention to detail and look wonderful on a Christmas card. The technique used for this card is very simple and can be used for many other paper napkin motifs as well. You are not limited to just this motif, if you cannot find it where you live.

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Christmas Card - Red with Silver Stars Greeting Card for the Holidays_0035

Silver Stars Christmas Card

Within a few minutes you can have this beautiful and glitzy card created and ready to send off for Christmas.

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Angel Christmas Card

Angel Christmas Card

This card was created with help of the Sizzix E-Clips machine. If you do not have the machine nor the Christmas cartridge, use the card as inspiration to create a similar card instead.

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Christmas Card - Sparkling Tree Greeting Card for the Holidays

Sparkling Christmas Tree

In the stores there is a remarkable choice of Christmas cards to choose from but no card says I care about you” as much as a card that you created yourself. Following the basic layout of the card, you can vary on colors or even change the motif to create a set of different cards, depending on what you have available in your craft supplies.

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Christmas Card in Scandinavian Style

Christmas Card in Scandinavian Style

The little fabric moose is the highlight of this card and gives it a Scandinavian flair. The traditional colors of red and white for Christmas are typical for the Scandinavian country of Denmark. If you ever visit the country during Christmas, you will enjoy the quaintness of the colors and it makes you feel like a kid again.

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Robin Christmas Card

Robin Christmas Card

The European robin is a charming and irresistable looking little bird and if you are lucky, you will see it all winter long in your garden. Over the years the bird has become a popular Christmas motif, especially in some European countries. The image used here was found on paper napkins and just seemed ideal to create Christmas cards with it.

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Christmas Card - Christmas Tree with Stars and Sequins

Christmas Card with Starry Tree

You can craft this card and have it ready to send off within no time. The plain green tree gets combined with gold decorative elements to give it a touch of elegance.

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More Christmas Cards and Winter Cards

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