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Wooden Chicken Recipe Card Holder

This clever chicken lends you a helping hand in the kitchen by holding a recipe card while you are cooking. You can of course leave the recipe card away and the chicken makes a cute decoration for any room.



Wood Crafts for Spring - Wooden Chicken Recipe Card Holder for the Kitchen

For this project you will need:

- 10 mm plywood
- 4 mm scraps of plywood
- 4mm wooden dowels for the legs (length is your choice)
- acrylic paints in beige, red, yellow, orange and dark brown
- sawing supplies
- drill with 2 mm and 4 mm bits
- brown florist wire
- wooden clothespin

Craft Pattern:


Chicken Template






Use the picture as a guideline while following the instructions.

1. Print out and trace the body and feet onto the 10 mm plywood and trace the wings, beak and sack onto the 4 mm plywood. Saw all of the pieces down and roughly sand them down.
2. Paint the body, legs (dowels) and wings with beige and let dry.
3. Paint the comb and sack red and paint the beak and feet yellow and let dry.
4. Drybrush all of the edges with dark brown. Additionally dry brush the beak and feet edges with orange.
5. Use brown paint and sprinkle all of the pieces using  a toothbrush.
6. Drill the appropriate holes. The holes for the wings are 2 mm and need to be drilled in the body and on the wings. The holes for the legs are 4 mm and need to drilled into the body and through the feet.
7. Use the wire and attach the wings to the body. Twist off the wire and coil the ends.
8. Glue the beak and sack onto the face. Draw 2 straight lines for the eyes using a fine permanent marker.
9. Glue the clothespin to the right backside of the chicken so that it opens on the edge.
10. Insert the legs into the body and also through the feet. See that the chicken stands straight. You may wish to use wood glue in the holes for extra security.

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Wood Crafts for Spring - Wooden Chicken
You can create them either sitting or standing.




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Wood Crafts for Spring - Wooden Chicken Recipe Card Holder for the Kitchen





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