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Easter Eggs Decorated With Sequins

These eggs are so easy to embellish but you will need to plan an hour per egg when making them.



Sequin Easter Eggs 1

For one egg, you will need:

- one 6 cm size styrofoam/polystyrene egg
- sequins in colors of choice (we used soft yellow and pink sequins for this project)
- straight pins for sequin art no longer than 13 mm (there are special pins for sequin projects that can be used for this

Instructions for an egg:

All you have to do is decide if you would like a pattern on your egg or not. If so, mark the areas on your egg if necessary and do these first. Then place a pin through the hole of a sequin and pin in place. The next sequin will then be placed then next to the first (you may choose to slightly overlap if you like) and you just continue in that manner until the egg is totally covered. Some kids in the class also used all sorts of colors for their eggs which also looked great!

Sequin Easter Eggs 2
We once did this project with 9 year old kids in a class and it was a really fun project for them, too!




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