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Romantic Hanging Hearts

Add a touch of romance to the room with these simple hearts. A nice way to display them is to collect some branches from outdoors and paint them white, place them in a vase and hang the hearts onto them.



Romantic Hearts 1

For this project you will need:

- cardboard boxes
- fabric with roses or other romantic fabric
- pink yarn
- 1 cm red wooden balls with holes
- decoupage glue and flat soft paint brush
- iridescent glitter
- double-sided adhesive
- tape
- large eye needle (to insert the yarn through the hole of the bead)

Ages 9 and older

Craft Pattern:

Pattern - Valentine Hearts

Heart Templates





Instructions: For each hanging heart, you will need two same sized hearts.

1. Print out hearts to a size you wish to make.
2. Trace the hearts on cardboard and cut out. (If you have a die-cutting machine and hearts dies, you can use these and save a lot of time).
3. Brush on a thin layer of glue on one side of each heart. Place the wet side on the backside of your chosen fabric. Turn over and smooth the fabric with your fingers. Now cut off the excess fabric around the heart.
4. Once both fabric hearts are prepared, turn them around so that the backsides are facing up. Cut a piece of yarn to a length you with and place the both open ends onto the backside of one of the hearts. Tape the ends down. Now cut pieces of double-sided adhesive and place them at various points on the same heart. Remove the protective paper and press then the backside of the other heart onto the first heart. This encloses the yarn ends inside and they cannot be seen anymore.
5. You can now insert the loop end of the yarn through a needle and then through a bead. Pull the bead down to the heart.
6. If you wish your hearts to sparkle, brush on a coat of decoupage glue onto the fabric and sprinkle glitter onto it. Shake off the excess and then hang to dry.

Romantic Hearts 2

Romantic Hearts 3

 Romantic Hearts 4
Glitter adds some sparkle to the hearts.




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Romantic Hearts





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