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Spring and Motherís Day Paper Craft - Crepe Paper Flower Bouquet

These paper flowers out of crepe paper are very fast and easy to make and look unbelievablely real. An ideal craft also for those who like flowers but are maybe allergic to them. Imagine how beautiful a bouquet of these would look in a vase. One flower is finished within 15 minutes.



Paper Craft - Crepe Paper Flower

For this project you will need:

- blue, white, green and yellow crepe paper
- wooden skewer sticks
- craft glue


1. Cut seven 5cm (2 inch) circles out of blue crepe paper and lie aside for the moment.
2. Cut a strip of yellow paper. Place a drop of glue to the top of the skewer and start wrapping the strip around until around 2.5 cm or 1 inch of skewer is covered. Cut the rest and secure the end with another drop of glue.
3. Add a drop of glue at the bottom of the yellow paper. Start by adding the first circle petal. See picture. Pinch the paper around the skewer so the glue will hold it.
4. Add the next petal under the first and off set around the skewer so it has a layered look.
5. Continue adding all petals one by one with the paper grain going up and down. Always alternate sides of the skewer when adding a new piece. Shape the circles if necessary to look like a flower.
6. Cut a very long strip of green crepe paper and glue the first end to the stick. Wrap the paper by stretching it and working towards the bottom of the stick. Glue the bottom end when finished and cut off the rest.
7. Cut 2 long leaf forms out of the green crepe paper and glue these to the stick.

Flower Petal Detail 
Detail of how to add the first petal.




Paper Craft - Crepe Paper Flower 2
A single flower can be a charming gift for a mother.

Paper Craft - Crepe Paper Flowers
These look gorgeous when arranged as a bouquet.

Crepe paper is easy to work with. It is light and stretchy and easy to form into shape. One disadvantage is that when wet, it bleeds so caution is recommended when using as the color will stain.




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