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Puffy Paper Heart Plant Sticks

Use up scrapbook papers to create these plant sticks for Valentine’s Day or even as a Mother’s Day gift.



Valentine's or Mother's Day Craft - Puffy Paper Hearts Plant Sticks

For this project you will need:

- heart templates in different sizes (see below)
- large daisy paper punch
- half beads in color matching paper
- wooden shishkabob sticks
- batting
- craft glue
- sewing machine (or you can also hand sew the hearts)

Craft Pattern:

Pattern - Valentine Hearts

Heart Templates






1. For each plant stick cut two same sized hearts. Place these perfectly together and stitch around the heart. Leave an opening for the batting. Stuff lightly with the batting and then finish the stitching.
2. Punch a flower out. Glue a half bead onto the flower and then the flower onto the heart.
3. Glue a shishkabob stick to the backside of the heart if using as a plant stick. You can of course create ornaments out of these hearts by hanging a string to the top instead, if you like.

Valentine's or Mother's Day Craft - Puffy Paper Heart
Two hearts are stitched together and filled with a little batting to give them some extra body and dimension. A paper flower embellishes each heart for added detail.




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Valentine's or Mother's Day Craft - Puffy Paper Hearts Plant Sticks





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