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Whether you are crafting for Independence Day or Memorial Day, you will find crafts here to help you show off patriotic spirit and pride.

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USA Welcome Sign

Wooden American Welcome Sign

For those who love to show their patriotic spirit, this door sign is just the perfect way to greet your guests during the summer months.

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Patriotic Heart Wreath

Patriotic Fabric Scraps Heart Wreath

Whether for Independence Day, Memorial Day or any time of the year you want to show your patriotism, this wreath is made within a short time.

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Glass Cling Mosaic Star Window Decoration

Glass Cling Mosaic Star Window Decoration

This fun project not only lets the kids show their patriotic spirit, but also decoratively upcycles a clear round lid from a tub of quark. Of course, any clear lid or disc shape will do for this project.

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Rag Quilt Americana

Rag Quilt “Americana”

It is unbelievably fun and easy to make rag quilts. It is like taking all the past rules about quilt making and turning them upside down.

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Summer Craft - Patriotic Mosaic Coaster

Patriotic Mosaic Coaster

We can never have  enough coasters! This is a patriotic and decorative way to protect your tables and so much fun to create as well.

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American Patriotic Card - Independence Day Card - Celebrate

Celebrate Card

This card shows lots of American spirit in the bold colors of red, white and blue!

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Patriotic Pin Cushion

Patriotic Pin Cushion

It is easy to show your patriotic spirit in everything you do and even while sewing, you can display the colors of nation.

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Paper Craft - American Patriotic Heart Pin

American Patriotic Heart Pin

Kids can create these hearts to wear on the 4th of July or simply to show their patriotic spirit anytime.They will have fun creating the wads of paper to glue and is a fun classroom project that requires minimal time and material.

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Melting Beads Hearts

Melting Beads Hearts

Kids in the USA can create these hearts for Independence Day and kids of other nations can make these in the colors of their own flags.

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Craft for Kids - Melting Beads America Pattern 200

Melting Beads America Pattern

Kids can create this USA shape on their peg board.

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