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Stained Glass Paper Tulips Window Decoration

These tulips look gorgeous even when the sun is not shining. If you would like the color to be even more brilliant, double the silk paper to create an even more intense color.



Paper Tulips Window Decoration

For this project you will need:

- two sheets of dark green cardstock
- silk paper in typical tulip colors such as red, yellow, purple,white, etc...
- scissors and sharp craft knife
- stick glue

Craft Patterns:

Tulip 1

Tulip Template 1

Spring Tulip 2

Tulip Template 2






1. Print out the patterns and create permanent templates for them. This will make it easier to trace the pattern onto the green cardstock.

2. Paper clip the 2 sheets of cardstock over each other and trace the templates on to it. Use the knife to first cut out the insides of the tulips. Then cut the outer edges out using scissors.

3. Once you have cut the first tulip out, fill in the areas of one layer with silk paper. When finished, place the duplicate tulip over it and glue it in place. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second tulip.

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Paper Tulips Window Decoration

Paper Tulips Window Decoration





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