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Paper Hen

Another variation of the wooden hen seen on this website is the paper version for children to do. This makes a great decoration in the window at springtime, but fits in the kitchen window all year long, just as well.



Paper Crafts for Spring - Paper Hen Decoration

For this project you will need:

- pattern
- red, white and yellow cardstock
- scissors
- black felt tip marker
- raffia
- needle for punching holes
- red thread
- glue

Craft Pattern:

Hen Template

Hen Template






1. Print out and copy the pattern on to the correctly colored pieces and cut them out. You will need 2 body pieces, 4 feet, 2 beaks and 1 comb. Cut the comb with a little allowance out so it may be glued inbetween the body pieces.
2. Glue the beaks and the feet onto the 2 body pieces. With the backsides facing each and the comb inserted in the top, glue the 2 body pieces together. Dot the hen eyes above the beak.
3. Gather a couple of strands of straw and tie in the middle. Glue this then onto the body as seen in the picture.
4. Punch a small hole in the comb and tie a red thread through for hanging up.

Recommended for ages 7 and up




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Paper Crafts for Spring - Paper Hen Decoration





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