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North Pole Christmas Tree Ornaments

These whimiscal ornaments are made in a short time and will be a cute addition to your Christmas tree. You can also choose to leave the string away and use the North Pole sign to decorate a winter scene.



North Pole Christmas Tree Ornaments

For this project the following supplies were used:

Cardboard Sign Shapes
Cardboard boxes cut down into wood sign shapes about the size of 4 x 10 centimeters

Wooden Beads and Round Discs
Wooden beads the size of 15 millimeters and round dome shaped discs measuring 25 millimeters



Red and White Paper Straws
Red and white striped paper straws cut to about 11 centimeters high

Acrylic Paints in White, Gold and Green
Acrylic paints (white, forest green and gold) and paint brushes



Baker's Twine
Baker’s twine for hanging

Alphabet Stencils or Dies
Lettering stencil or alphabet dies (if you feel your writing is not pretty), otherwise you can handwrite the letters



Also: hot glue gun, snow paint pen, iridescent glitter, white snowflake embellishment, chalk paint pen


North Pole Sign Tutorial 1
1. Paint the wooden beads gold. It is easier to paint them if you use one or two toothpicks and insert these in the hole. That way you can paint the entire bead without having to touch it. 2 or more coats may be necessary to get a solid look.

North Pole Sign Tutorial 2
2. Cut the signs on the sides with zig zags and then paint them green. You may need to do a second coat because the cardboard adsorbs the paint a great deal. Also paint the discs white and let all of the pieces dry before using them.



North Pole Sign Tutorial 3
3. You can use a stencil to make the words “North Pole” if you do not like your handwriting. You can first trace the words onto a piece of paper.

North Pole Sign Tutorial 4
4. Then you can see how much space they will take on the sign and also it helps to be able to center the words on the sign.



North Pole Sign Tutorial 5
5. Place the words now centered on the sign and use the pen and write over the word again so that it dents into the cardboard. This is a good way to avoid any pencil marks on the sign.

North Pole Sign Tutorial 6
6. Then use the chalk marker to write over the words again.



North Pole Sign Tutorial 12
7. If you have alphabet dies, these can also be used. Here the die is from Sizzix and is called “Wingo Zingo Alphabet”.

North Pole Sign Tutorial 13
8. The letters just fitted the sign.



North Pole Sign Tutorial 7
9. Now you have everything prepared and can glue it all together.

North Pole Sign Tutorial 8
10. First hot glue the sign onto the red and white paper straw



North Pole Sign Tutorial 9
11. Then hot glue the other end of the straw to the center of the disc.

North Pole Sign Tutorial 10
12. Cut a piece of baker’s twine to a length you like and then knot the 2 open ends together. Insert the closed loop side through the bead and pull the bead down to the knot.



North Pole Sign Tutorial 11
13. Then hot glue the bead to the top of the straw. You can insert the open ends plus knot into the straw. That way the remain unseen.

North Pole Sign Tutorial 14
Then you can choose to dry brush the edges of the sign with white paint if you like. Once finished, use the snow paint and go along the outer top edge and the sides. Springle iridescent glitter onto the still wet paint. Also add lots of paint to the base of the base which also helps cover up any hot glue that may be showing. Also here shake iridescent glitter into the wet paint.

Let the paint dry overnight and then the ornaments are ready for hanging.




North Pole Ornament for Christmas
A resin snowflake was glued on to the ornament to give it an extra embellishment.

North Pole Christmas Tree Ornament
No glitter was added to the words of this sign.

North Pole Christmas Ornament
Here glitter was added for an extra sparkly look.


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