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Quick and Easy Christmas Trees Decoration

Polystyrene cones already have the shape of a Christmas tree and thin garland was used to give them a textured and wintry look. Leftover beads, bits and bobs were used to embellish the trees. Below there is a second image of the trees without the decorations. These look nice just being used as trees for a wintry setting.



Festive Cone Trees

For this project the following supplies were used:

- polystyrene cones
- thin garland such as in the image below

Thin White Garland

- a glue gun
- embellishments of choice (optional)


Making Cone Trees 1
1. Heat up the glue gun. Simply start at the bottom of the cone and a a drop of glue and press the end of the garland into the glue. You can press the point of scissors to hold the end down until glue sets which prevents burning your fingers.

Making Cone Trees 2
2. Then continue by adding glue along the bottom of the cone and pressing the garland into the glue. When you reach the beginning end, continue by adding the next row above it. At this point you do not not have to place glue constantly down. Just add a drop of glue every inch or so and press the garland into the glue. Continue in this manner until you reach the top of the tree. At the top, be careful using too much glue. Because the top point of the tree is small, too much glue will actually melt the tip off.




Snowy White Cone Trees
These trees are kept simple in the color of white.


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Festive Cone Trees




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