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Sparkling Glitter Easter Eggs

This idea takes the idea of candy chocolate eggs wrapped in aluminium foil a step further. Here plastic eggs were first glued with aluminium in foil and then individually decorated so that each egg is a unique work of art.



Glittery Easter Eggs

For one egg you will need:

Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 1

- plastic Easter eggs (preferably with hanger loop)
- decoupage glue
- clear liquid glue
- paint brush
- aluminium foil cut into small pieces
- thin pretty papers of your choice and color torn into small pieces
- shishkabob stick
- can


Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 2
1. Glue the pieces of aluminium foil over the egg. The pieces may move around a bit until the glue starts to dry. This may be frustrating a bit but once the glue dries, it will hold the pieces in place. And if there are a couple of unglued spots, that is not a problem. Aftewards once the paper and glitter is added, it won’t be noticed anyway. The glue may look milky at first but should dry clear.

Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 4
2. Insert a shishkabob through the hanging loop and then hang the egg into a can until it is dry. This will keep it from touching anything else while it is drying.

Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 3
3. This is the dried egg. It is shiny again.

Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 5
4. These are the pieces of paper that were torn for this egg. You won’t need this many but it is good to have a choice.

Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 6
5. Now glue the papers on at random. Also allow pieces of the aluminium foil to show. This adds to the shine of the egg.

Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 7
6. Now cover the egg with clear liquid glue. This will hold glitter or iridescent flakes better than decoupage glue. Then shake glitter all around the egg. Allow the egg to dry again in the can when finished.

Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 8
7. Once the glittered areas are dry, you can brush on another coat of glue on the egg to seal the glitter so it will not rub off all over the place.

Glittery Easter Eggs - Tutorial 9
8. Now the egg is finished. These plastic eggs came with a yellow string for hanging. But for our eggs, we cut away the string and used a pink ribbon instead to match the papers.

Glitter Easter Eggs Craft

Glittery Easter Eggs 2
The pink color gives the eggs a romantic look to them for the spring.

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Glittery Easter Eggs





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