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Scrapbook Paper Flowers and Beads Mobile

This mobile looks great hanging anywhere in your house. You can craft it as long or as short as you like and it is especially great for those with small windows.



Paper Craft for Spring - Scrapbook Paper Flower and Bead Garland

For this project you will need:

- 12 x 12 scrapbook paper of choice
- jumbo flower paper punch
- orange faceted 6mm acrylic beads
- thread or perlon wire
- craft glue


1. Decide how long your mobile will be and cut a length of perlon wire longer than this length. Remember that you need a length of about 5-10 centimeters at the top to make a hanging loop.
2. Decide how many flowers you need and how far apart you wish them to be spaced. For each flower, you will need to punch out 2 flowers and in between each flower is a bead.
3. Punch out the first 2 flowers. Turn one flower over and place glue on the backside of it. Lay the perlon wire on the centered over the glue and now sandwich this perlon wire with the other flower, making sure the flowers match. Make sure the backside of the top flower is also facing down, touching the glue.
4. Add now a bead to the wire. Go with the wire end again through the bead to secure it.
5. Add the next flower the same way as in step 3.
6. Add the next bead as described in step 4.
7. Continue in this manner until your chosen length is achieved.

Paper Craft for Spring - Scrapbook Paper Flower Garland - Example
Step 3


Paper Craft for Spring - Scrapbook Paper Flower and Bead Garland b
The papers listed to the left are only suggestions of what you can use and what got used for this particular mobile. You can of course choose any set of papers that coordinate with your home furnishings.




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Paper Craft for Spring - Scrapbook Paper Flower and Bead Garland





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