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Textile Crafts and Projects for Spring Celebrations

Here you will find lots of fun projects for the spring season. You can decorate your plants at Easter with the fabric Easter bunny plant poke, or make a soft toy bunny for a small child or baby. If you travel, you will find also a project to sew bags to protect your shoes and clothing. All projects with instructions and patterns if necessary.

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Felt Easter Bunny Egg Cosy

Felt Easter Bunny Egg Cosy

These sweet felt bunnies are not only practical to keep your eggs warm on the Easter breakfast table but are also great decorations as well. You can sew a set of four within an hour.

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Patchwork Craft for Easter - Easter Quilt or Wall Hanging

Small Patchwork Wall Quilt for Easter

For those who do not have a lot of time or a lot of space to create a large quilt, this mini version is perfect.

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Easter Crafts - Sewing Project - Soft Fleece Easter Bunny

Soft Toy Bunny for Babies

Create this gentle little bunny and it will make a perfect crib toy for any small baby. It is made out of a warm fleece material and is very gentle and soft to the skin.

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Fabric and Sewing Crafts - Felt Glasses Case

Felt Glasses Case for Teens

Glasses cases do not have to be boring! This trendy case for glasses is an easy project to sew, requires less than an hours time to make and no sewing machine is necessary.

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Needle Felted Pig

Needle Felted Pig

In some countries of Europe, such as Germany, the pig is a symbol of luck. Especially on New Years Eve, people give each other pigs of all sorts to wish the other a good new year.

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Valentine's Day Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear “I Love You” T-Shirt

Are you looking for an idea to give your loved one for Valentines Day? How about buying a cute teddy bear and a baby t-shirt that you then decorate and embellish with your message of love on it.

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Easter Crafts - Sewing Project - Easter Bunny Plant Stick

Fabric Bunny Plant Poke

This is a quick, easy and inexpensive sewing project for Easter. Out of left-over fabrics that fit to your decor, you can create these bunny pokes to decorate plants in your home.

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Craft Ideas for Spring - Felt Tulips Plant Pokes

Felt Tulip Plant Sticks

Add a splash of color to your green plants in the spring by creating these quick and easy felt tulip plant pokes. They look attractive used singular or as a group.

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Sewing Craft for Spring - Fabric Drawstring Shoe Bag Project

Travel Bags for Shoes

Out of scrap material you can create many practical household items. For example, why not sew a travel bag for your shoes. Often enough we travel and need to pack our shoes in the same suitcase as our clothes. Having an extra bag for the shoes keeps the clothes clean and the shoes protected as well.

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Fabric Heart Wreath

Fabric Heart Wreath

This heart in soft country colors will add a romantic touch to any room in your home.

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