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Textile Crafts and Projects for Spring Celebrations

If you have a sewing machine and like to make quick and easy projects, then you will find here some projects that can be completed within a couple of hours. Also you will find yarn crafts to create fun items for the season.

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Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep

Furry Easter Bunny and Sheep Ornaments

These gentle animals are so soft and cute and all you need to make them are cardboard boxes (heavier quality) and fuzzy yarn.

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Sewing Craft for Easter - Felt Easter Bunny Project

Felt Easter Bunny

This soft and cute bunny is an extremely quick sewing craft for Easter and requires just a minimal amount of materials.

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Washcloth Easter Bunnies

Washcloth Easter Bunny Ornaments

The structure of the material give the bunnies a furry look and make them cute accessories for Easter.

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Valentine's Day Decoration- Heart Ornaments

Washcloth Heart Ornaments

Washcloths are fun to sew with because of their interesting texture. Here they were used to sew heart ornaments for Valentines day.

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Scrap Fabric Bowl

No Sew Scrap Fabric Bowl

The finished bowl is very durable and is perfect for keeping what you see fit to place into it.

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Needle Felted Easter Rabbit

Needle Felted Easter Rabbit Ornament

Isnt this rabbit just so adorable? Not only that, but he is so soft just like the real animal.

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Felt Patchwork Flower Power Pillow

Felt Flower Power Patchwork Pillow

Four brightly colored squares embellished with poofy whimsical flowers seemed just perfect to bring color into the room for spring.

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Spring Craft Project - Felt Daisy and Leaf Garland

Felt Daisy Garland

These daisies can decorate your windows or terrace glass door within a jiffy and add a touch of spring and summer to your home.

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Felt Craft for Easter - Felt Hen Egg Warmer

Felt Hen

You can sew this hen and use it in different ways.

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Fabric Hearts Ornaments

Fabric Country Hearts Ornaments

One year during autumn, left over printed and solid red fabric was used to make these Fabric Apple Ornaments. With Valentine’s Day in mind, the same fabric can of course be used to create fabric hearts as well.

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