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Upcycle Cans for Bird Food

In this area, winter food and seed for the birds gets sold in plastic bags and is not so easy to store once opened. If you have empty cans from the kitchen with plastic lids, you can use these instead to hold the food inside.



Upcycling Craft - Bird Food Container 1

For this project you will need:

- tall can with a lid that is empty and clean (the can can be the size of your choice but it is recommended that the napkin can
  completely be wrapped around the can to prevent a void area)
- white paint and brush if can has a label that cannot be removed
- paper napkin with bird motifs
- decoupage glue of choice
- soft and flat paint brush


1. First if the can has a label that cannot be removed, paint over the label until it is not visible anymore. This may require a couple of coats of paint.
2. Remove all but the top layer of the paper napkin and place it over the can. The height of the napkin should be that of the can.
3. Brush on glue over the motif working your way from the center to all directions until the paper napkin is completely adhered. Illustrations of how to apply paper napkins to a can, can be seen here:
Decoupage Utility Can Project.




Upcycling Craft - Bird Food Container 2
A paper napkin with birds motifs is perfect to remind you of what is inside the can at any time.


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