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Paper Napkin Decoupage Christmas Ornaments

These lovely ornaments are a cinch to make and all you really require to make them are styrofoam balls, paper napkins with small Christmas motifs and embellishments to finish the look.



Decoupage Christmas Ornaments 1

For this project you will need:

- styrofoam balls (the ones used for this project are 40 mm or 4 cm in size (you can of course use any size you like)

Christmas Paper Napkin With Red Motifs
- paper napkin with very small motifs or just large enough to fit onto the ball size you have chosen (this is an image of the
  napkin used for this project)
- decoupage glue of choice
- styrofoam ball hangers (these are little plastic or wire hooks that are especially made for hanging styrofoam objects and
  can be found in a good craft store)
- iridescent glitter
- red and white striped ribbon
- red embroidery floss
- red bead, 6 mm in size

Instructions for one ornament:

1. First you will tear out the selected motifs from your paper napkin and remove all but the top layer. This is the layer with the motif printed on it.
2. Brush on decoupage glue onto the spot where you want your motif to be at and place it over the glue. Use your paint brush and brush on a thin coat of glue gently over the motif to seal it.
3. Once the motif has dried, insert one of the hooks into the top of the ball. Create a bow with the striped ribbon and tie embroidery floss in the center of the bow and pull the floss through the hole of the hook. Insert a wooden bead and tie a knot at the top of the floss.
4. Now hold on to the hook and brush on a layer of glue over the entire ball. Shake iridescent glitter all over the wet glue. Hang to dry.




Decoupage Christmas Ornament 2
White and red ornaments look very traditional for Christmas.

Decoupage Christmas Ornament 1

Decoupage Christmas Ornament 3

Decoupage Christmas Ornaments 2
Create a whole set for your tree using different motifs from the paper napkin.


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Decoupage Christmas Ornaments




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