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Candle and Wreath Centerpiece

This wreath is an example of a centerpiece that you could create for your table top. It is small and perfect for inserting a candle in the center. Floral embellishments combined with a couple of Christmas glass balls and oranments give it a natural, yet festive look.



Christmas Table Wreath with Copper Colored Decoration

Supplies needed for this wreath:

- small twig wreath
- orange or copper colored sisal fibers
- orange candle to fit the center
- natural embellishments such as orange slices, floral potpourri, leaf vine, cinnamon sticks, etc...
- shiny copper colored embellishments such as glass balls, small gifts wrapped in metallic paper, etc...
- copper colored angel’s hair
- copper colored ribbbon to match
- hot glue


Christmas Wreath Detail 2
1. First wrap sisal fibers around the wreath and then arrange a small leaf vine around the wreath.
2. Now place a cinnamon stick on an orange slice and wrap copper colored wire around it several times to hold the cinnamon stick in place. Make a second one of these and then hot glue these opposite of each other on the wreath.
3. Hot glue on natural embellishments such as pods, small pine cones, etc... in a pleasing manner.
4. Hot glue a couple of matching small Christmas ornaments onto the wreath.
5. Create a bow and then hot glue it to one side of the wreath..
6. Once you think the wreath is finished, use angel’s hair to pull the look together. It should be enough to add a little sparkle, but not too much to overwhelm the wreath.

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Christmas Table Wreath with Copper Colored Decoration 2
Caution: As always, do not leave the room unattended when burning a candle.

We received this tip from one of our crafty readers for drying orange or apple slices. “If you have a gas stove with a pilot light, you can leave your items in the oven to dry. This method is a little faster than the radiator method but not as fast as the microwave.”


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Christmas Table Wreath with Copper Colored Decoration




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