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Washcloth Easter Bunny Ornaments

The structure of the material give the bunnies a furry look and make them cute accessories for Easter.



Washcloth Easter Bunnies

For this project you will need:

- white washcloths or white terry material
- cookie cutter such as the one below or you can use our template in the link below for a similar bunny
- trick marker (for tracing pattern)
- white satin ribbon for hanging
- satin ribbon in spring color for the bow
- black 4 mm wooden beads for the eyes
- a little batting pink and black felting wool
- cookie cutter

Bunny Cookie Cutter
This is the bunny cookie cutter used for this project.

Craft Templates You Can Also Use for this Project:

Bunny Template

Easter Bunny Template

Rabbit sitting

Sitting Bunny Template






1. Place two washcloth pieces larger than your cookie cutter over each other with the left sides facing each other. Trace around the cookie cutter on the top of the layers. (The trick marker enables you to make lines that will dissapear within a couple of days or vanishes immediately when dampened with water.)
2. Sandwich both ends of a small piece of white ribbon between the ears (or where ever the center of your rabbit may be) and hold in place with a pin. Now sew directly on the marked line around the bunny. Use a small zig zag stitch. Leave an opening at the bottom for stuffing.
3. Stuff the bunny lightly with batting and then zig zag stitch the opening close.
4. Trim excess fabric away close to the stitching.
5. Create a small bow and attach it with a couple of stitches to the bunny.
6. Sew an eye on each side of the head.

Washcloth Easter Bunny

The cookie cutter was also used here for this Needle Felted Easter Rabbit Ornament.




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