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Sparkly Heart Stone Paperweight

Why buy an expensive paperweight when you can make one as lovely and personal as this one for so little? This project is quick and easy for all ages. Kids can create one of these for their mothers for Motherís Day or maybe it would be a nice gift for a loved one for an anniversary or Valentineís Day.



Sequins Heart Stone Paperweight

For this project you will need:

- round stone of choice
- gemstone glue or other strong glue that dries clear
- red sequins
- red glitter
- pencil

Craft Pattern:

Pattern - Valentine Hearts

Heart Templates (Print out to a size that will fit on the surface of your heart)





Instructions: It is recommended to work over a sheet of paper to capture the excess glitter.

Valentine Paperweight Tutorial 1
1. Draw a freehand heart with a pencil or trace one from the templates above onto the stone.

Valentine Paperweight Tutorial 2
2. Fill in the area inside the heart shape with a good amount of glue and start placing the sequins onto the glue. Work quickly so that the glue does not dry. If your heart is very large, you can also work small sections at a time.
3. While the glue is still wet, shake glitter to fill the spaces in between the glue. Turn the heart and tap to shake off excess glitter. Then let the glue dry thoroughly.

Glitter Heart Paperweight

Sparkly Heart Paperweight
Kids can also make these as well.





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