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Crafts and Projects for Kids for Spring Celebrations

When your kids complain there is nothing to do, you can find here lots of fun projects for them to make during the spring season. Crafts for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day can be found as well as other projects to celebrate the season.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Cute Clay Pot Cow

Clay Pot Cow

This cute cow is a fun and easy craft project for kids. The project needs some time for the paint and glue to dry, but otherwise is completed within an afternoon. Parents may wish to help out and glue the head to the clay pot using hot glue. This will speed the drying process of the glue.

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Fun Foam Rat

Rita the Friendly Rat

Fun foam is an easy material for children to work with. It cuts well, almost like butter, and gives the crafts an added dimension and feeling. This cute little rat is happily eating away at her piece of cheese and would be glad for small hands to create her and give her a place in their homes.

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Easter Craft for Kids - Cute Craft Stick Brown Easter Bunny

Craft Stick Easter Bunny

Craft sticks are fun and inexpensive items to use when crafting with children. Encourage the kids to paint and decorate their bunnies and to even add other embellishments. Afterwards, your help as a parent or provider is necessary to complete the bunnies because the usage of a glue gun and a drill is necessary.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Perler Beads Hen

Perler Beads Hen

Kids can create this proud hen to decorate the windows during spring. When the sun shines, she will brilliantly show off her colors.

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Chinese New Year 2010 Craft - Fun Foam Tiger Pouch

Fun Foam Tiger Pouch

Isnt the tiger cute? Fun foam is such a great material for kids to work with. Kids can cut and glue the pieces but may require the parents to sew the front and back together. They can wear the pouch around their necks to carry their treasure for them.

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Sequins and Beads Lady Bug

Sequins and Beads Lady Bug

Spring has arrived and this lady bug already wants to spend the time outdoors in the warm sun.

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Paper Craft for Kids - Paper Mobile for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day Paper Mobile

This is a bright and colorful decoration for celebrating St. Patricks Day! This project is easy for school aged kids to make alone and even younger kids, with the help of supervision, will find it easy tearing and wadding the paper pieces to make this project.

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Paper Piecing Craft - Daffodils Window Picture

Daffodils Paper Piecing Craft

Older kids can cut and embellish these paper flowers which can then be hung up to add color to rooms as well.

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Easter Craft - Chenille Easter Bunny

Chenille Easter Bunny

This soft and fuzzy bunny will be fun for young hands to create for Easter. It is not complicated to make and only requires only up to 30 minutes time to complete. This project can be used in all sorts of ways... such as a bookmarker or a plant stick.

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Craft for Kids - Paper Piecing Robin 200

Paper Piecing Robin

Kids can make a paper robin by using pieces of scrap colored card and pencils and then hang it in their window or room to celebrate spring.

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More Crafts and Projects for Kids for Spring Celebrations

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