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Silver Stars Christmas Cards

Within a few minutes you can have this beautiful and glitzy card created and ready to send off for Christmas. A perfect project for those who wish to create homemade Christmas cards, but lack the time. It is so fast and easy to create and requires a minimal amount of materials. You can change the colors of the card for a variety, as well. Below is a second example of a card made with this technique.



Christmas Card - Red with Silver Stars Greeting Card for the Holidays

For this project you will need:

- silver colored glitzy fringe yarn or fringe yarn of choice
- red blank card
- white cardstock
- silver cardstock
- strong double sided sticky tape
- motif puncher with large stars
- needle or small hole puncher
- peel-off sticker with Christmas sentiment


1. Cut a piece of white cardstock to the size of 6 cm x 15 cm (about 2 1/2 “ x 6 “) or the width to fit the width of your card.
2. Mount the white cardstock onto silver cardstock and trim it so that the width is that of the card and that there is a 5 millimeter or about a 1/4” border at the top and bottom of it.
3. Punch out 5 stars and poke a hole in the middle of each star. You may need to widen the hole afterwards, if necessary.
4. Secure the starting end of the fringe to the backside of the white cardstock.
5. Start wrapping your fringe around the cardstock. When you get to the front of the cardstock, use your needle and gather 2 stars on your fringe. Arrange them in pleasing position and then continue wrapping the yarn around the back, and then around the front of the cardstock again. Gather the remaining 3 stars onto the needle and also arrange them in front of the cardstock, as well. Wrap the yarn around to the back, around to the front again and then again to the back side.
6. Once the yarn is wrapped around 3 times, secure the end of it to the backside of the cardstock.
7. Use double sided tape and adhere the cardstock to the top 1/3 of your card.
8. Adhere your chosen sentiment to the bottom right of the card.

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Christmas Craft - Christmas Card With Silver Stars
A white card with silver stars looks very elegant.

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Christmas Card - Red with Silver Stars Greeting Card for the Holidays



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