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Scroll Saw Project - Wooden Scarecrow and Pumpkins

When the temperatures outside get cooler and the leaves on the trees change into wonderful hues of reds, oranges and browns, autumn must be in the air. Decorating for fall is fun because the season offers us many different motifs to choose from like pumpkins, scarecrows, or leaves. This scarecrow out of wood is a fun project to do and is completed within 2 days.



Wood Craft for Fall and Halloween - Wooden Scarecrow Shelf Decoration

For this project you will need:

- wood 10 mm thick for the body, the sign and the pumpkins
- wood 6 mm thick for the hat
- wood piece 18 mm x 60 mm x 160 mm for the stand
- acrylic paints in the colors of black, tan, red, light brown, orange, blue, dark green, and white (or colors of your choice),
- four 35 mm x 3.5 mm screws
- hand drill with 3.5 mm bit
- various round and flat paintbrushes
- green piece of scrap fabric
- wooden shishkebob skewer for the sign pole
- wood glue
- pattern below
- pencil

Craft Patterns:

Scarecrow Template

Wooden Scarecrow Template

Pumpkins and Sign

Pumpkins and sign Template






1. Print out the patterns to the size you need and transfer the markings on to the wood. Saw out for each pumpkin an additional “slice” piece. This will give the pumpkins a 3-D look.
2. Cut a base out in a roundish form and cut 2 tulip shaped pieces out. These will be the grass pieces.
3. Saw all of the pieces out and sandpaper the pieces smooth.
4. Paint all of the pieces accordingly.
5. Drybrush shading and highlights on all of the pieces.
6. Drill the holes in the base of the pumpkins and the grass pieces.
7. Drill a hole in the crow’s body and a hole in the crow feet. Insert the skewer in the holes forming legs. Use wood glue to secure these in place.
8. Glue the slices onto the pumpkins. Screw the pumpkins and grass pieces now onto the base.
9. Glue the crow’s feet onto the base.
10. Use natural raffia to create a natural grass effect if desired.

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Wood Craft for Fall and Halloween - Wooden Scarecrow Shelf Decoration





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