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Pom-Pom Dog

Who can resist this little pocket sized dog? Fringed yarn makes it possible to give this dog a bad hair day but at the same time adding to its cuteness.



Pom-Pom Dog

For this project you will need:

- white fringed yarn
- pom-pom maker
- pink 6 mm half bead
- two 4 mm black beads for eyes
- pink ribbon
- pink chenille
- scrap pieces of cardboard to make the ears
- craft glue
- scissors


1. Create two 8 centimeter pom-poms and one 5 cm pom-pom. Before cutting the tying strings (the strings holding the pom-poms together) tie one of the 8 centimeter pom-poms to the 5 centimeter pom-pom. This creates the head and the front of the body. Now glue the second 8 centimeter pom-pom to the side of the other 8cm pom-pom, creating the hind end of the dog. Let glue dry thoroughly before continuing.
2. Create two ear shaped pieces of cardboard and wrap white yarn around each one until it is covered. Secure the yarn with glue so it does not unravel. Glue a small piece of chenille onto each ear. Now insert and glue the bottom edge of each ear onto the top of the head, where a dog’s ears would normally be positioned.
3. Glue on eyes, nose and ribbon to its neck. Let glue dry thoroughly.




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Pom-Pom Dog





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