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Pom Pom Easter Chick

This adorable little guy will surely bring smiles to faces. Because of the chenille stems, he can also stand on his own.



Pom-Pom Chick

For this project you will need:

- 1 skein of yellow yarn
- orange felt
- orange chenille stems
- 1 pair of wiggly eyes
- hot glue
- cardboard such as a cereal box
- scissors
- circle templates


1. First you need to create 2 cardboard rings using your cereal box and circle templates. The larger the outer circle, the larger the spider. The inner circle should be about 1 inch in size. Cut these rings out and place together.
2. Now cut about 5 or 6 one yard lengths of the yarn. Follow the instructions in this “Pom-Pom Tutorial” to make the pom-pom.
3. Glue on the wiggly eyes and cut a triangle shape for the beak. Glue these on with hot glue.
4. To create the feet, cut 3 x 12-15 cm lengths of orange chenille stems and braid these together. Leave each end open about 2 cm and bend some to look like chick feet. Bend the center of the chenille now so it looks like 2 legs. Place hot glue on the bend and insert in the pom-pom perpendicular to the face so it looks like the chick is standing.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

How to Make Pom Poms

Pom-Pom Tutorial




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Pom-Pom Chick





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