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Plaster of Paris Snowmen

Creating plaster of Paris figures can be such fun and the best is painting the figures afterwards. If you cannot find molds in your area, silicone molds work also well. These snowmen are a cute example of what you can create. These can be used as ornaments, as package decorations or for other decorating purposes such as the tree in the second picture.



Plaster of Paris Snowmen

For this idea you will need:

- mold with snowmen
- plaster of Paris powder
- rubber mixing bowl
- spoon
- kitchen knife (for smoothing down the edges at a later stage)
- acrylic paints in colors of choice
- fine paintbrushes
- varnish for the finished product
- metal wire if using as ornaments

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Plaster of Paris Tutorial

1. To create the snowmen, follow this Plaster of Paris Castings Tutorial.

2. Once your castings are completely dry, you can begin to paint them as you please. Once the paint is dry, spray or brush on varnish to protect the figures and to give them a bit of shine.




Christmas Decoration With Wood Tree and Plaster of Paris Snowmen
The snowman can be used as embellishments for all of your Christmas ideas.


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Plaster of Paris Snowmen




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