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Paper Snowman Garland Craft Project

If you cannot get enough of snowmen, then this project is a treat. You will be creating a whole group of them with just a bit of folding and cutting. This project is cute decorating a bookshelf, a table, a window sill or just where ever you think they will look cute.

One sheet of DIN A-4 card (210 x 297 mm size - a standard European size which is approximately the size of a sheet of typing paper in the USA) will make two groups of 4 snowmen at the size indicated below.

You can also print out the snowman pattern smaller to create a row of snowmen to decorate Christmas cards, too.



Winter Craft - Paper Snowman Garland

For this project you will need:

- 1 sheet of white DIN A-4 card
- rainbow paper
- scrap piece of orange paper
- hole puncher
- pencil
- ruler
- scissors
- foam mat and bone folder
- craft glue

Craft Templates for the Snowman and For a Tree:

Snowman and Tree Templates

Snowman and Tree Templates





Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Paper Snowman Garland Tutorial

To create the snowman garland, follow this Paper Garland Tutorial. There an image below for a tree that can be also made using the same technique. Once the tree is cut out, holes were punched through all layers to represent baubles.


Christmas Craft - Paper Snowmand Garland

Paper Snowmen Garland

Winter Craft Idea - Paper Snowman Garland

Paper Winter Trees Garland
You can create trees to compliment the snowmen. The shape is very easy to cut out and the technique to create the folds is the same as with the snowmen. The holes are punched through all of the layers to create “baubles” after the trees are cut out.

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Winter Craft - Paper Snowman Garland



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