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Christmas Craft - Paper Craft - Window Decorations - Stitched Paper Snowman

Add a touch of winter to your windows before and after Christmas. This snowman is very simple to cut, and if left as it is, an easy craft for kids to do. One could go a step further and add the stitching. This requires more time but gives the snowman a great country look - almost like an applique.



Christmas and Winter Paper Craft - Stitched Paper Snowman

Christmas and Winter Paper Craft - Paper Snowman
This is the same snowman without the stitching. The edges have been shaded with colored pencil to add dimension to it.

Craft Pattern:

Paper Snowman Craft Pattern

Paper Snowman Craft Template

For this project you will need:

- 2 squares of origami paper in color of choice (or other thin
  decorative paper)
- Scissors
- Stick glue


1. Print out the pattern to fit your printer paper and create permanent templates with the pattern. Trace the templates onto the appropriate colored cardstock and cut out. (If you would like both sides to look finished, cut all parts twice.)
2. Poke evenly spaced holes about 0.75 mm or 1/4 inch from the edge and from each other. Hand stitch either a blanket stitch through these holes or use a regular sewing stitch. A combination of both looks also great.
3. Once all of the stitching is completed, glue the parts onto the snowman. Start with the scarf tail then the scarf neck part. Adhere the hat band to the hat and then glue the hat on the snowman. Add the nose.
4. Dot 2 small black eyes over the nose.
5. Tie a string to the top stitching for hanging the snowman.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Transferring Patterns Onto Wood Tutorial

How to Make Patterns and Permanent Templates



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