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Christmas Paper Crafts - Paper Christmas Tree or Evergreen Tree

This craft project is fun for both young and old alike and looks great plain and decorated. A whole forest of trees can be created which also looks really great. All you need for the basic tree is just green construction paper or cardstock, scissors and glue. The tree can be made as large or as small as you like, depending on the size of circles you use. Using decorative edged scissors to cut the circles out, give the tree ends a more realistic look.



Paper Craft for Christmas - Paper Christmas Tree With Bead Garland

For this project you will need:

- green cardstock or construction paper
- scissors
- decorative edged scissors
- craft glue
- paper clips to hold paper while drying
- silver wire and beads if you wish to decorate the tree
- clear tape

The hardest part about making the tree is forming the cone shape. This can be done easier when you first wrap your cut semi-circle around a small cylinder or tube shape item such as a film roll or so. This will help curl the paper to make it easier to work with.


1.Cut out 4 circles in 4 different sizes.If you have decorative edged scissors, use these to cut the circles out. This gives the edge a more realistic look.
2. Cut each circle in half using normal scissors so that you now have eight halves. This is enough for 2 trees.

Cut the circles in half 200

3. Form a cone with each semi-circle and glue the side edge. Hold together with a paper clip.

Form a cone 200

4. Cut into the bottom about 1/4 inch or 7mm from the bottom edge with your normal scissors as seen in the picture below. Do this around the whole bottom edge.

 Cut into the tree ends 200

5. Take each of the four sizes and start to assemble your tree. Starting with the bottom, place a dot of glue on the tip. Add the second biggest cone over it, place a dot at the tip and add the next smaller size, and so on. Do this until you have used your last tree part.
6. Let the tree dry.
7. To add decorations, create a garland like this. Take a piece of wire about 20 cm or 6 inches long. Add the first bead 5 cm or 2 inches from one end of the wire. Go with the the other wire end again through this bead to secure it in place. Continue adding beads in this manner at 1.3 cm or 1/2 inch intervals until the garland is long enough. Insert the first wire end through the top tip of the tree and secure it inside the tree with tape if you can. Wrap the garland around the tree and tuck the other end through the bottome of the tree when finished. Secure this end also with tape.

Paper Craft for Christmas - Paper Christmas Tree With Bead Garland




Paper Craft for Christmas - Paper Christmas Tree Craft
The tree is here without decoration.




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