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Paper Piecing Robin

The European robin with its sweet looking face never ceases to charm adults and kids alike. Kids can make a paper robin by using pieces of scrap colored card and pencils and then hang it in their window or room to celebrate spring.



Craft for Kids - Paper Piecing Robin

For this project you will need:

- heavier card so that the robin has a bit of stability in the colors of brown, tan, light beige, dark orange, grey and black
- color pencils in colors similar to the paper but only a bit darker plus a white pencil to highlight the eye of the robin
- stick glue
- scissors
- hole puncher

If you wish the robin to be seen and look finished from both sides, trace all but the body piece twice. Each doubled piece should be traced reversed.

Ages 8 and over

Craft Pattern:

Craft for Kids - Paper Robin Template

Paper Robin Template

Craft for Kids - Paper Robin Placement Guide

Paper Robin Placement Guide






Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 1
1. Print out the template page to fit the printer paper fully. Then glue the page to a piece of cardboard such as a cereal box. Cut out the pieces so you can trace around them. Then trace each piece on the appropriate colored paper.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 2
2. Use a pencil darker than the shade of paper and color along the edge of each piece.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 3
3. This is how the pieces look now.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 4
4. Now you can glue the bird together. Start by gluing the beak onto the bird.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 5
5. Then glue on the red piece.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 6
6. The beige piece gets glued on next.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 7
7. The next piece to be glued on is the tail feathers piece.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 8
8. Then glue on the wing. This should cover the beige piece and the tail feathers.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 9
9. Glue the second foot behind the body.

Paper Piecing Robin Tutorial 10
10. Punch out a black circle using the hole puncher. Glue it as an eye on the face. Then take a white color pencil and add a speckle to the eye.




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Paper Piecing Robin

Craft for Kids - Paper Piecing Robin





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