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Knitting - Scarf of Many Colors
The Scarf of Many Colors - A Knitting Project to Use Up Yarn in Your Stash
When you knit or crochet a lot and have leftover yarn, it is normally a shame to throw it away. But often it is not really enough to use for a new project... until now. This scarf is perfect for all of those little amounts that you have been collecting. It is an easy technique how to knit the the different colors of yarn so that they blend with the next colors. This is such a fun scarf to make because you really do not know how the result will look like, except that it will be pretty and the most unique colored scarf in town.

Upcycling Magazines into Art
Create Colorful Art Canvas Pictures
Save and upcycle all of those shiny magazines, advertisements, catalogues or any type of items with glossy images to create easy one of a kind canvas art pictures to decorate your walls. No matter which size of canvas you use, the picture looks great and you really do not have to be an artist to achieve such a result.

Hot Glue Heart Ornaments
Hot Glue Heart Ornaments
This is probably the quickest craft you will make for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or for an anniversary. You will need less than 5 minutes to make each heart and then they only need to cool down afterwards. Once cold, they are already ready to use anyway you like.

House Pets Faux Snow Globe
Christmas Gift Idea - House Pets Faux “Snow Globe”
We all love our pets and this is an idea you can give to a pet owner for Christmas. You can find lots of little figurines of house pets, especially dogs and cats and create a faux snow globe displaying their pet in a winter scene. For this project, figurines of pugs were used and look really cute with them being out in the “snow”. You can upcycle a jar for this project to keep the costs down.

Christmas Craft - Pricked Paper Luminaries
Last Minute Christmas Paper Craft - Pricked Paper Christmas Luminaries
If you need a last minute table decoration, you can quickly and easily alter straight glasses, such as whisky glasses, into festive luminaries with just paper and bit of washi tape. The advantage of this project is once Christmas is over, you can remove the paper and use the glasses again as usual.

Noel Decoration
Wooden Noel Letters
Wooden letters are fun to decorate. You can buy finished letters at your craft store or you or a woodworker you know can easily saw these letters out. Once you have your letters, this project is fast and easy to do.

Plastic Canvas Christmas Tree Ornaments
Sparkly Plastic Canvas Christmas Tree Ornaments
These ornaments were made using sparkly scrubby yarns which give them an extra festive look. The yarn is a little stiffer and makes the texture of these ornaments quite interesting, too. It is almost hard to tell that these are actually plastic canvas ornaments.

Upcycling Craft - Egg Carton Angels
Christmas Upcycling Craft for Kids - Festive Angels from Egg Cartons
This is a fun and inexpensive craft that kids can make for holiday decorating. The bodies and wings of these beautiful angels were made using sections of an egg carton.

Bascetta Stars Tutorial
Bascetta Paper Stars Tutorial
These beautiful stars have been a popular craft trend in this country at Christmas for several years now and always seemed like they would be intimidating to make. They are named after the Italian mathematician Paolo Bascetta. 30 pyramid shaped modules are made out of paper that then get connected together to form the final star, which has a total of 20 round points. Neither scissors nor glue is required and they are quite sturdy, when finished.

Winter Craft - Paper Snowman Garland
Paper Snowman Garland Craft Project
If you cannot get enough of snowmen, then this project is a treat. This project is cute decorating a bookshelf, a table, a window sill or just where ever you think they will look cute.








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