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Easy Knitted Cowl for Cooler Days 200
Easy Knitted Cowl for Cooler Days
There are those days when a warm scarf is just too much but still it feels a bit cool. This cowl is just perfect for that. It is so leightweight and warm at the same time without being too much. It is made using 3 skeins of sock yarn simultaneously and is very easy to knit. It is made so that it also sits snugly around your neck without being too tight. The interesting effect comes not only from the stitches, but from the variegated yarns used to knit this cowl.

Autumn Acorn Wreath
Autumnal Acorn Wreath
This year the oak tree dumped what felt like thousands of acorns in the yard. Though the couple of squirrels seem to be satisfied with the amount, it is much more than they could ever need. After raking up a bucket full, it only seemed natural to use them to embellish a wreath with them. We already did this years before (see here) and thought it is time to make a new version to give as a gift. This project is very easy to make and takes about 90 minutes to complete it.

Using Boxes for Die Cutting
Cardboard Box Die Cuts
Sides of boxes are really stable are a perfect material to create figures using a die cutting machine and sturdy dies. You can use everything from a cereal box to a mailing box.

Autumn Word Search Puzzle
Free Autumn Word Search Printable
This is a fun fall activity for adults and kids alike. There is a pdf version available that can be printed out for best quality.

Scrapbusting Crochet Afghan
The Crochet Afghan of Many Colors - A Crochet Project to Use Up Tons of Yarn in Your Stash
This easy and colorful afghan is just what you need as a crochet project on a cold winter evening. It not only uses up lots of scrap skeins of yarn, but keeps you warm at the same time while you are crocheting it. The larger it gets, the more it covers you up while you are working on it. This project is a no brainer because it uses a simple double crochet stitch all the way through. It is the kind of project to work on when you are binge watching your favorite series on TV. The finished size of this particular afghan before the addition of the tassles measures 130 cm x 180 cm (about 47 x 71 inches long), but you can make yours as large or small as you please, according to the amount of yarn you have. If you want to include tassles, they will add on an extra 20 centimeters to the length.

Christmas Crochet Candle Glass Covers
Christmas Crochet Candle Glass Cover
Since baker’s twine has the wonderful Christmas colors of red and white, it was used to create these glass covers. Because it is a twine, the texture of it feels really interesting and also holds nicely onto the glass. Holes were created so that the glow of the tea light or candle used will show through. One of these covers is made within 30 minutes so it is also a quick project to make, as well.


Free Printable - Apple Coloring Page
Free Printable - Doodle Apple Coloring Page for Adults and Kids


Baskets with Pineapple Motifs
Fabric and Oilcloth Tablecloth Baskets with Pineapple Motifs
Oilcloth tablecloths are perfect to use to sew decorations and useful things for the home. Here a tablecloth with cheerful summery pineapple motifs was used to create practical baskets. The fun part about these baskets are that they are reversible. One side is fabric and the other side is the tablecloth. Either way looks cute. These are incredibly easy to sew and you only need two pieces of same sized fabric and basic sewing supplies. The illustrated tutorial in the link below shows how to sew one.


Lined Fabic Tote Sewing Project
Lined Fabic Tote Sewing Project
This tote can be custom made to any size you prefer for your needs and is lined so it will hold a lot of weight, too. Choose a fabric you love for the exterior and then a matching fabric for the lining. A metal magnetic closure is used to close it at the top to keep your things in it while carrying it. If you leave the closure away, the bag is also reversible.








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