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Hot Glue Heart OrnamentsHot Glue Heart Ornaments
This is  probably the quickest craft you will make for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or for an anniversary. You will need less than 5 minutes to make each heart and then they only need to cool down afterwards. Once cold, they are already ready to use anyway you like.

Paper TulipsPaper Tulips Flower Bouquet
Nothing says spring more than colorful tulips. This project can be made by kids ages 9 and over (and adults, of course) who want to create a lovely decoration for the window sill during the spring season or even for Mom as a gift for Mother’s Day.

Valentine's Day Paper Tea Light HouseRomantic Paper Light Houses
These are not only pretty for Valentine’s Day but also great for any romantic occasion such as an anniversary. They can even be made in other elegant colors and then used as a decoration at a wedding reception as well.

Sequins Heart Stone PaperweightSparkly Stone Paperweight
Why buy  an expensive paperweight when you can make one as lovely and personal as this one for so little? This project is quick and easy for all ages. Kids can create one of these for their mothers for Mother’s Day or maybe it would be a nice gift for a loved one for an anniversary or  Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Craft for KidsUpcycled Lid Heart Suncatcher
Some tubs of quark, butter or yoghurt come with clear plastic lids. These can be upcycled to lets kids create this colorful hanging heart. If these type of lids are not available in your area, you can also use clear acrylic discs or a stiff acetate circle instead.

Quilled Paper Heart DecorationQuilled Heart Decoration
This heart is very easy to make using rolled paper strips. It makes a lovely decoration for the room or window for Valentineā€™s Day. This is also a fun project for kids as well to create for their mothers or grandmothers for Motherā€™s Day, too.

Be Mine ValentineBe Mine Ransom Note Card
A Valentine’s Day card in a ransom note style is not only very easy and quick to make, but is really inexpensive as well.

Cosmetic Bags - Varied SizesSew a  Lined Zipper Pouches in Any Size You Want
Zippered pouches can be used for multi purposes and one cannot ever have enough of them. Not only are they practical for traveling and storing cosmetics, but also for keeping chargers and cables for all of the electronic devices that also get taken on trips. You are not limited to the size that is indicated in any particular tutorial. You can custom make them to fit your needs.

Embossed Hearts Valentine's Day or Anniversary CardHearts Galore Valentine Day Card
It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just want to say “I love you”€¯, this card will definately get your message through to your loved one.

Paper Snowman GarlandPaper Snowman Garland Craft Project
If you cannot get enough of snowmen, then this project is a treat. You will be creating a whole group of them with just a bit of folding and cutting. This project is cute decorating a bookshelf, a table, a window  sill or just where ever you think they will look cute.








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