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5-Minute Winter Decoration
Christmas Gift Idea - 5-Minute Winter Decoration
This idea is perfect for those with so little time, yet want to create a decoration for the home or to give as a gift. This jar contains a cute winter scene and looks great decorating a shelf or table.

Vintage Angels Tags or Tree Ornaments
Vintage Angel Ornaments or Gift Tags
Angels are so appropriate for Christmas and these old fashioned images can be  used to decorate a Christmas tree or as gift tags for presents.

After visiting a Christmas market recently and admiring gold vintage metal  ornaments with angels painted on them, this idea to make similar ornaments using simple materials came to mind. The gold cardboard adds a nice and old fashioned look to the images.

Christmas Card With Foil Stars
Shiny Stars Christmas Cards
These cards are artistic and also one of a kind. No two cards will ever look alike. First you will be creating a collage of shiny aluminum foil and metallic papers and once it is dry, you will be cutting stars out of the collage to use as motifs for your Christmas cards.


Winter Craft - Paper Snowman Garland
Paper Snowman Garland Craft
If you cannot get enough of snowmen, then this project is a treat. You will be creating a whole group of them with just a bit of folding and cutting. This project is cute decorating a bookshelf, a table, a window sill or just where ever you think they will look cute.


Christmas Crochet Candle Glass Covers
Christmas Crochet Candle Glass Cover
Since baker’s twine has the wonderful Christmas colors of red and white, it was used to create these glass covers. Because it is a twine, the texture of it feels really interesting and also holds nicely onto the glass. Holes were created so that the glow of the tea light or candle used will show through. One of these covers is made within 30 minutes so it is also a quick project to make, as well.


Make Clay Christmas Ornaments
Clay Christmas Ornaments
These ornaments look so pretty and wintery in white and are so easy to make. Air drying modeling clay was used for them and it is an easy, fun and quick way to create your own Christmas decorations. The figures can be used, for example to embellish Christmas packages or for decorating and the ornaments can also be used as tags for Christmas gifts. You may paint them also, if you like.


House Pets Faux Snow Globe
House Pets Faux Snow Globe
We all love our pets and this is an idea you can give to a pet owner for Christmas. You can find lots of little figurines of house pets, especially dogs and cats and create a faux snow globe displaying their pet in a winter scene. For this project, figurines of pugs were used and look really cute with them being out in the “snow”. You can upcycle a jar for this project to keep the costs down.


Bascetta Stars Tutorial
Bascetta Paper Stars Tutorial
These beautiful stars have been a popular craft trend in this country at Christmas for several years now and always seemed like they would be intimidating to make. They are named after the Italian mathematician Paolo Bascetta.

30 pyramid shaped modules are made out of paper that then get connected together to form the final star, which has a total of 20 round points. Neither scissors nor glue is required and they are quite sturdy, when finished.


Paper Bag Snowflake
Paper Bag Snowflakes
This pretty snowflake idea is popular in this country. With just 7 of these bags, you can create a snowflake within 10 minutes. When hanging from the ceiling or from a curtain rod, these look so light and dainty.


Upcycling Craft - Egg Carton Angels
Festive Egg Carton Angels
This is a fun and inexpensive craft that kids can make for holiday decorating. The bodies and wings of these beautiful angels were made using sections of an egg carton.








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