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Crochet Clothesline Catchall Basket
Crochet Clothesline Catchall Basket
Anything can be used for crafting. In this case, after finding some leftover clothesline in a box, an experiment was tried to see if the line can be used to create a crochet basket. Sure enough it worked. Though stiff to crochet with because of the wire at the core of the line, it was still easy to do. The wire in the core does have an advantage of helping the basket keep shape. The texture of the basket feels interesting as well due to the stitches. This basket is practical in the hallway to keep keys and small items from getting lost or misplaced.

Cosmetic Pouch for Summer
Make Cosmetic Pouches or Utility Pouches Using Oilcloth Tablecloths (With Pineapple Motifs)
One oilcloth tablecloth will go a long way when you want to make practical pouches for all your little stuff. These were sewn so that the oilcloth is on the outside to keep any moisture from penetrating through the bag. This makes the bag very practical when traveling. Even if you are at the beach, the bag will keep your things dry. They are not waterproof, but the surface is water resistant. The bag is lined to give it a nice finish. All you need are 2 pieces of the tablecloth, 2 pieces of same sized cotton fabric and a zipper.


Christmas Crochet Candle Glass Covers
Christmas Crochet Candle Glass Cover
Since baker’s twine has the wonderful Christmas colors of red and white, it was used to create these glass covers. Because it is a twine, the texture of it feels really interesting and also holds nicely onto the glass. Holes were created so that the glow of the tea light or candle used will show through. One of these covers is made within 30 minutes so it is also a quick project to make, as well.


Cheery Pineapple Tealight Glasses
5-Minute Craft - Glass Covers for Tealights Using Oilcloth Tablecloths (With Pineapple Motifs)
One oilcloth tablecloth with pineapple motifs looked so summery and was used to make lovely bins and there was plenty of tablecloth material left over. This is a quick and easy idea you can do with small pieces of.


Free Printable - Apple Coloring Page
Free Printable - Doodle Apple Coloring Page for Adults and Kids


Baskets with Pineapple Motifs
Fabric and Oilcloth Tablecloth Baskets with Pineapple Motifs
Oilcloth tablecloths are perfect to use to sew decorations and useful things for the home. Here a tablecloth with cheerful summery pineapple motifs was used to create practical baskets. The fun part about these baskets are that they are reversible. One side is fabric and the other side is the tablecloth. Either way looks cute. These are incredibly easy to sew and you only need two pieces of same sized fabric and basic sewing supplies. The illustrated tutorial in the link below shows how to sew one.


Mandala Printable 2
Mandala to Print out and Color


Lined Fabic Tote Sewing Project
Lined Fabic Tote Sewing Project
This tote can be custom made to any size you prefer for your needs and is lined so it will hold a lot of weight, too. Choose a fabric you love for the exterior and then a matching fabric for the lining. A metal magnetic closure is used to close it at the top to keep your things in it while carrying it. If you leave the closure away, the bag is also reversible.


Kids Summer Coloring Page
Summer Coloring Page for Kids
This is a free printable for the kids to color as they please.









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