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Paper Roses
How to Make Paper Roses
When you look at these roses from a distance, they almost look like the real thing and are so pretty. You can make them and use them for many things such as wreaths, as decorative balls, decorating gift wrap, as embellishments for a romantic table setting, as embellishments for place cards, etc...


Melting Beads or Fuse Beads Gull
Melting Beads Seagull
Kids can bring the feeling of summer at the sea home by making this picture to decorate their room.


Baskets with Pineapple Motifs
Baskets with Pineapple Motifs
Oilcloth tablecloths are perfect to use to sew decorations and useful things for the home. Here a tablecloth with cheerful summery pineapple motifs was cut up and used to create practical baskets. The fun part about these baskets are that they are reversible. One side is fabric and the other side is the tablecloth. Either way looks cute. These are incredibly easy to sew and inexpensive, too.


Shopping Bag or School Book Bag
Easy All Purpose Bag
You can make your own trendy bags that will not only last a long time but will save money and the environment at the same time.


Upcycling Magazines into Art
Colorful Art Canvas Pictures
Creating collages is so much fun so save and upcycle all of those shiny magazines, advertisements, catalogues or any type of items with glossy  images to make easy one of a kind canvas art pictures to decorate your walls. No matter which size of canvas you use, the picture looks great and you really do not have to be an artist to achieve such a result.


Patriotic Heart Wreath
Patriotic Heart Wreath
Whether  for Independence Day, Memorial Day or any time of the year you want to show your patriotism, this wreath is made within a short time. All you need for this project is a styrofoam heart wreath, fabric scraps in red/white and blue/white and a stylus.


Happy Birthday Cupcakes Card
Happy Birthday Cupcakes Card
A collage is a creation of a new picture by combining different elements and arranging them in a pleasing way. This card is created by layering different elements (paper napkin motifs and embossed papers) that are common in theme, yet each different in its own way.


Paper Butterflies Craft
Colorful Paper Butterflies Craft
Take a paperback book page, paint it with a few colors and let it dry, cut out the shapes and then glue it all together. That is how easy this project is. Each butterfly is an original and would look great  decorating a wall or door. Each butterfly is a unique work of art.


Sew Easy Zipper Pouches for All Purposes
Cosmetic Pouch
These pouches are so easy to make and it takes less than an hour to complete one of them. No matter which color you choose, the pouch will look  great. You can choose also oil cloth to use as the outer fabric so if it were to get wet, it can be easily wiped dry. Or you can choose to use oil cloth also as the lining as well. It is up to you. Because these are lined, they have a nice weight and feel somewhat padded.

Window Mosaic Snowman
Christmas and Winter Window Decoration - “Stained Glass” Snowman Picture
This craft helps recycle clear lids and at the same time is a fun project to do for the holidays. Once finished, the snowman adds a colorful touch to the window during the entire winter.








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