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Fall Decoration Fall Decoration - Forest Scene in a Jar
This idea was inspired after bike riding on a path through the woods and observing the surroundings. Even though it was the beginning of September, the mushrooms were already sprouting up throughout the mossy floor of forest. The hedgehogs have also been out late in the evenings looking for food to prepare themselves for their winter nap. This just seemed like a lovely idea for a scene to fill a glass with.

Felt Mushroom Ornaments Felt Mushroom Onaments
With just a small amount of felted wool (that you either felted yourself or  purchased), you can make these soft and cozy mushrooms. It takes only a little bit of time to make them. Add a string to hang them or leave them so to use as embellishments for an autumn centerpiece.

Quick and Easy Autumn Decoration5-Minute Autumn Decoration
This idea uses what was around the house to create a quick shelf decoration for the autumn season. With a simple wide mouth glass cookie jar and a couple of other decorative elements, you can create a cute and simple display that wont cost anything extra.

Autumn Acorn Wreath Autumnal Acorn Wreath
This year the oak tree dumped what felt like thousands of acorns in the yard. Though the couple of squirrels seem to be satisfied with the amount, it is much more than they could ever need. After raking up a bucket full, it only seemed natural to use them to embellish a wreath with them. We already did this years before (see here) and thought it is time to make a new version to give as a gift. This project is very easy to make and takes about 90 minutes to complete it.

Terry Cloth PumpkinsTerry Cloth Pumpkins
Sewing these pumpkins does not require a lot of time and they look great  decorating the bathroom... or any other room of choice during the fall season.

Fly Agaric or Toadstool Craft for Kids 200Toadstool Craft
These mushrooms were made with small probiotic drinking joghurt bottles (use what is available in your country) and styrofoam balls and look incredibly real once painted and decorated.

Autumn Paper Wreath for KidsPaper Autumn Wreath
These colorful leaves surely won™t wilt and bring the colors of fall right into the home. This project was created with scrap pieces of assorted paper and once the kids have theirs finished, they can hang it in a  place for all to enjoy.

Toadstool Craft for Kids Toadstool Craft for Kids
Autumn is the time of the year when mushrooms can be found sprouting along the forest floor and around the yard. This project for kids is really easy  and requires just a few supplies to make.

Cosmetic Bags - Varied SizesSew a  Lined Zipper Pouches in Any Size You Want
Zippered pouches can be used for multi purposes and one cannot ever have enough of them. Not only are they practical for traveling and storing cosmetics, but also for keeping chargers and cables for all of the electronic devices that also get taken on trips. You are not limited to the size that is indicated in any particular tutorial. You can custom make them to fit your needs.

Paper Snowman GarlandPaper Snowman Garland Craft Project
If you cannot get enough of snowmen, then this project is a treat. You will be creating a whole group of them with just a bit of folding and cutting. This project is cute decorating a bookshelf, a table, a window  sill or just where ever you think they will look cute.








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