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Melting Bead, Fuse Bead, Hama Bead or Perler Bead Crafts - Page 1 of 2

Crafting with melting beads, fuse beads Hama Beads or Perler® beads is an excellent way to keep kids happy and busy for hours. Kids like the look and feel of the beads and enjoy making projects with them all year around. The beads help the fine motor skills of the kids, introduce them to many new colors, help the kids learn to count and teach concentration and patience. These days, there are so many colors available and even beads with effects such as glow in the dark.

Melting Beads Illustrated Craft Tutorial



Melting Beads or Fuse Beads Gull

Melting Beads Seagull


Fuse Beads Snowman

Fuse Beads Frosty Snowman


Melting Beads Chick

Melting Beads Chick


Melting Beads Lighthouse

Melting Beads Lighthouse


Melting Beads Easter Bunny

Melting Beads Easter Bunny


Melting Beads Santa Claus Ornament

Melting Beads Santa Claus


Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Butterfly

Fuse Bead Butterfly


Fuse Beads Fall Leaf

Fuse Beads Fall Maple Leaf


Fused Beads Gingerbread Man

Fuse Beads Gingerbread Man


Fuse Beads Penguin

Fuse Beads Penguin


Fuse Bead Valentine Heart

Fuse Bead Heart


Melting Bead Stocking Ornament

Melting Beads Stocking


Fuse Beads Angel

Fuse Bead Angel


Fuse Beads Santa Claus

Fuse Bead Santa Claus


Fuse Bead Cardinal

Perler Bead Cardinal Bird


Fuse Bead Apple Tree

Perler Beads Apple Tree


Perler Beads Hen

Perler Beads Hen


Fuse Bead Duck

Fuse Bead Duck


Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf

Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf


Fuse Beads Toadstool Mushroom

Fuse Beads Toadstool


Fuse Bead Shamrock Clover

Perler Beads Clover


Fuse Beads Father Christmas

Fuse Bead Father Christmas


Fuse Beads Christmas Tree

Fuse Bead Christmas Tree


Melting Beads Hearts

Melting Beads Hearts





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