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Melting Bead, Fuse Bead, Hama Bead or Perler Bead Crafts

Here you will find more links to our fuse bead crafts and patterns so the kids can get immediately started creating a project.

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Melting Beads Illustrated Craft Tutorial




Christmas Craft for Kids - Melting Bead Stocking Ornament

Fuse Beads or Melting Beads Stocking Ornament

This project lets kids make melting bead stockings to use as ornaments for the Christmas tree, as a card decoration or as an embellishment for a Christmas gift. This is a fun activity and the stockings can be created in other colors as well.

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Fuse Bead Valentine Heart

Fuse Bead Heart

Valentines Day is the day of love and what better symbol than the heart to demonstrate our feelings. Kids can make hearts to decorate their windows or to give to their special “Valentine” in the school.

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Fuse Beads Santa Claus

Fuse Bead Santa Claus

Let ol’ Santa bring some Christmas cheer in the home. After the kids are through making him, they can find a special place for him on the family Christmas tree.

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Fuse Bead Cardinal

Fuse Bead / Perler Bead Cardinal Bird

This brilliant red cardinal will surely look great in any childs room window.

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Fuse Bead Apple Tree

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Apple Tree

This apple tree will enrich any childs window during the spring and summer months.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Perler Beads Hen

Perler Beads Hen

Kids can create this proud hen to decorate the windows during spring. When the sun shines, she will brilliantly show off her colors.

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Fuse Bead Duck

Fuse Bead Duck

Go outside and find an interesting branch that can be placed into a vase afterwards. Let the kids create fuse bead projects such as this duck to decorate the branch.

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Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf

Fuse Bead Lady Bug on a Leaf

What child does not like a lady bug and this craft is not only fun to make but would look cheerful in any child’s room window in the spring and summer.

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Fuse Beads Toadstool Mushroom 200

Fuse Beads or Perler Beads Toadstool Mushroom

Toadstool mushrooms are easily seen on the autumn forest ground because of their unique appearance. These mushrooms are nice to look at, but because they are poisonous, they should not be picked. Using melting beads, kids can easily create their own toadstools to decorate their windows in the fall season.

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Fuse Bead Shamrock Clover

Fuse Beads / Perler Beads Clover

The color of green dominates St. Patricks Day. With just a handfull of fuse beads, kids can create this clover within a few minutes.

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