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Fuse Beads Frosty the Snowman

Let the kids make this fun fuse beads Frosty the Snowman craft on snowy winter days. This project will not only keep the kids happy and busy for a couple of hours, but afterwards, give them a great winter decoration that they can hang in the window until springtime.

Fuse Beads Snowman - Christmas Craft





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For this project you will need:

- fuse beads in the colors of black, red, white, green, blue, orange and grey
- 15 cm square fuse bead peg board (30x30 pegs)
- baking paper
- iron

Craft Pattern:

Fuse Beads Snowman Head

Fuse Beads Snowman Head Pattern


* Parents should assist the kids when ironing the fuse beads to prevent any injuries. Supervision is always recommended when using any hot item such as a glue gun or iron around kids.

1. Print out the pattern and use it as a guide for placing the beads on the peg board.
2. Once the snowman is complete, place a piece of baking paper over the figure. Heat up the iron to a cotton setting and then iron over the paper. This will melt the beads together.
3. Let the snowman dry about 3 minutes and then remove the paper. Now the snowman can also be carefully removed. Attach a clear string for hanging.




Fuse Beads Snowman - Christmas Craft
Ages 8 and older
Time: About 2 Hours






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