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Felt Christmas Tree Christmas Card

This is an example of a card using stiff felt with other card making supplies. Use it as an inspiration to create your own personal cards. Try combining different materials to create different effects. With just a few supplies, it is so easy to make your own Christmas cards.



Christmas Card - Felt Christmas Tree Greeting Card for the Holidays

For this project you will need:

- dark green blank card
- stiff green felt
- thin designer wire
- dimensional paint in silver glitter
- wooden silver star
- piece of fiber paper
- vellum with printed Christmas wish
- hole puncher and silver star eyelets
- piece of tape
- stick glue
- strong double sided sticky tape
- scissors

Craft Pattern:

Christmas Tree pattern

Christmas Tree - cut the bottom tier off of the pattern for this tree)






1. Print out and transfer tree shape onto the felt and cut out.
2. Using a piece of tape, stick the beginning of the wire on the backside of the tree. Start wrapping the wire around the tree many times until it represents a garland type decoration.
3. When finished, cut the wire and stick the end piece also on the backside of the tree.
4. Cut a piece of double sided sticky tape and adhere to the backside of the tree.
5. Tear a piece of the fiber paper and glue it on to the card with the stick glue.
6. Remove the protective backing of the sticky tape on the tree and stick the tree onto the card as seen in the picture.
7. Cut a small piece of the double sided tape and place it on the back of the wooden star and stick the star onto the top of the tree.
8. Carefully tear wish out of the printed vellum. Punch 2 holes through the vellum and through the card and use the star eyelets to attach the vellum to the card.
9. Place dots of the dimensional paint onto the tree and the card. Let it dry ovenight.

Tip: When making the pattern transfer it first onto a piece of cardboard, cut the pattern out of the cardboard and then trace the pattern on to the felt.

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